The Aeneid (Vintage Classics)

The Aeneid (Vintage Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 442

ISBN: 0679729526

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Virgil's great epic transforms the Homeric tradition into a triumphal statement of the Roman civilizing mission. Translated by Robert Fitzgerald.












that? Should I not give the lie to Drancës? Shall I turn tail? Will this land know the sight Of Turnus on the run? To die—is that 875 So miserable? Heaven has grown cold; Shades of the underworld, be friendly to me. As a pure spirit guiltless of that shame I shall go down among you—never unfit To join my great forefathers.” 880 Just as he finished, here came Sacës riding At a dead run amid the enemy, His mount foaming, his face torn by a wound, Crying out “Turnus!” as he rode,

to earth—this one part done, 575 Part still unfinished. First the smiths had added Twisted hail, three rays, three rays of raincloud, Three of red fire and the flying southwind. Now they were mixing in terrifying lightning, Fracas, and fear, and anger in pursuit 580 With flares. Elsewhere they strove to finish A chariot of Mars, and flying wheels On which he might stir fighting men and cities. Then to an aegis, cuirass bringing dread Of Pallas when aroused, they gave a polish,

And breached the snow-white chest. Euryalus In death went reeling down, 615 And blood streamed on his handsome length, his neck Collapsing let his head fall on his shoulder— As a bright flower cut by a passing plow Will droop and wither slowly, or a poppy Bow its head upon its tired stalk 620 When overborne by a passing rain. Now Nisus Plunged ahead into the crowd of men And made for Volcens only, of them all, Concerned only with Volcens. All around him 625 Enemies grouped to

Orodës Whispered: “Whoever you are, you’ll not take joy In this death long, for it will be avenged. An equal destiny awaits you here. 1040 The same field will be yours to lie in soon.” Mezentius answered smiling in hard anger: “Die now. But as for my fate, let the father Of gods and king of men attend to it.” He pulled the spearhead from Orodës body. 1045 Harsh repose oppressed his eyes, a sleep Of iron, and in eternal night they closed. Now Caedicus cut Alcathoüs down,

to further tears. Forever Hail to you, my noble friend, my Pallas, Hail and farewell forever.” That was all. 135 Then he turned backward toward the parapets And made his way to camp. From the Latin city Spokesmen wearing chaplets of olive boughs Had now arrived with a petition for him: 140 Let him give back their dead, felled by the sword, Who lay upon the field; let him permit Interment of them under an earthen mound. There was no combat with defeated men Who breathed the

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