Best (Boy)friend Forever (Camp Confidential, No. 9)

Best (Boy)friend Forever (Camp Confidential, No. 9)

Melissa J. Morgan

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0448443252

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Priya Shah is Camp Lakeview’s resident tomboy—her BFF in the whole world is Jordan: a BOY, but they are just friends. The girls in bunk 4C aren’t buying it, though. Priya’s used to the teasing and thinks she can take it. But during the fourth-division field trip to D.C. she realizes she’s never been more wrong. And when Jordan starts going out with another girl on the trip, Priya must get in touch with her true feelings before it’s too late.











do that?” she asked. Jordan stopped pacing right in front of her. He looked directly into her face, his mossy green eyes intense. “Can’t you just . . . just tell her what a great guy I am? You know me better than anybody. Just explain that I’m not really a jerk. And then see if she’ll go to that Potomac cruise with me. I heard a couple other guys already asked girls.” “I’ll try.” Priya’s stomach gave a hard twist as she spoke the words. “Your sofa needs a little more padding.” Brynn patted the

Como, Italy. We go there every year.” “How amazing! Last summer my parents took me to Paris,” Tori chirped, tossing her glossy hair over her shoulder and smiling. “But I’ve never been to Lake Como. I’d love to hear all about it.” “Sure thing,” Blake said. “But I’m starving. My dad’s jet landed late. We flew here straight from Rome, and I haven’t eaten since this morning. And then the limo got lost on the way here.” “Poor baby,” Jenna muttered under her breath. “This place is really out in the

“And the bugs aren’t too bad,” Nat piped up. “I got eaten alive the first week I was here last year, but insect repellent works miracles.” “And reeks, too.” Blake crinkled his nose up in distaste. “So, is any of the grub decent around here, or should I break out the Pepto-Bismol?” Jenna resisted the urge to tell Blake to go jump in the lake and gave him a big grin instead. “Give the french fries a try. They’re super-yummy.” “Thanks,” Blake said, flashing his gleaming smile again. “I’ll catch

some pretty great pranks have been played already this year. The most extreme ones since Jordan and I started coming here. Wow, I can hardly believe it’s our third summer. (Jordan says hi and says to go next door and scratch Cougar’s belly for him, because his parents always forget how much Cougar loves belly scratchies.) A couple days ago, I had this tree-climbing contest with Jordan, and I almost fell. Don’t tell Mom! I won, so it’s all good. Except the next day, Jordan beat me in this game we

from one of the fallen logs on the opposite side of the huge campfire. The shadows thrown on his face by the flames made him look like a stranger. That and the freaky hair. And the polo shirt. The thing didn’t even have a slogan on it. Priya jerked her eyes off him. Why her? It would be bad if Jordan had started crushing on any girl. Because . . . because then everything would change. And Priya liked things exactly how they were, exactly the way they’d always been. But out of all the girls

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