Business Start-Up Kit

Business Start-Up Kit

Steven D. Strauss

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0793160278

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An indispensable how-to guide from the small business columnist for

Hundreds of thousands of people start their own businesses every year, and untold more dream about the possibility of becoming their own bosses. While entrepreneurship has its many potential rewards, it also carries unique challenges.

Steven D. Strauss, one of the nation’s foremost authorities on small business, has developed an easy-to-read compendium of everything an aspiring entrepreneur needs to start and succeed in business. He explains what works, and what doesn’t, while giving entrepreneurs scores of tips and hints. Readers will learn:

• Why following one’s passion is important when picking a business.

• How to analyze a franchise property.

• Which business form is best-corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

• What funding options are available-from venture capital to SBA loans.

• How much to charge for goods or services.

• Why having more than one revenue stream is important.

• How to start a business on a shoestring.

• Strategies for growth once the business is up and running

Unlike other books on business formation, Strauss’s advice not only explains what steps to take, but also includes proven strategies, worksheets, forms to fill out, and success secrets. To that end, it is a business primer, step-by-step guide, and success strategies book all rolled into one.



















franchisor about them. • Item 11 is the longest section in the document and it is critical. It discusses the franchisor’s obligations to the franchisee under the franchise agreement. It also describes required computer equipment purchases and initial training programs. • Item 12 explains your territorial rights. If the franchisor reserves the right in this item to distribute competing products or services through other channels of distribution, find out how the company intends to use that right.

partnerships (discussed above) and limited partnerships. In a general partnership, all partners are equal. Each partner has equal power to incur obligations on behalf of the partnership, and each partner has unlimited liability for the debts of that partnership. Because not all partnerships require that the partners have equal power and liabilities, some partnerships decide to form as a limited partnership instead. In a limited partnership, there is usually only one general partner (although

in a year or two. One way to get more business is to get a toll-free phone number for your business. Toll free numbers—800, 888, and 877—are not just for the big boys today; almost every sort of business can afford and find uses for a tollfree number. And the easier you make it for people to get a hold of your business, the more business you can generate. There are many options and carriers around today, so prices are competitive. Carriers can be found in your Yellow Pages. Finally, a fax

Great Image At the height of the e-commerce boom, an executive from a wellestablished “old-economy” company was hired to be the new CEO of a young, brash, well-financed Internet start-up. For his first day at his new company, the CEO decided to look his best. He dressed in an expensive suit and his favorite tie. That day, he was to address the company’s 100-plus employees. As he tells the story, he felt sharp, and looked great. The new CEO gave an enthusiastic, short introductory speech and then

start a business from home, you are not alone. More than ever, working from home has become an accepted method of conducting business. While more “traditional” home businesses such as mail order remain as strong as ever, professionals such as lawyers and architects are also moving home as well. Indeed, working from home is now easier, and far more accepted, than ever before. It is estimated that roughly one million new home-based businesses are started every year. The number of home-based

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