Call Centers For Dummies

Call Centers For Dummies

Real Bergevin

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0470677430

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Tips on making your call center a genuine profit center

In North America, call centers are a $13 billion business, employing 4 million people. For managers in charge of a call center operation, this practical, user-friendly guide outlines how to improve results measurably, following its principles of revenue generation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. In addition, this new edition addresses many industry changes, such as the new technology that's transforming today's call center and the location-neutral call center. It also helps readers determine whether it's cost-efficient to outsource operations and looks at the changing role and requirements of agents.

  • The ultimate call center guide, now revised and updated
  • The authors have helped over 60 companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their call center operations
  • Offers comprehensive guidance for call centers of all sizes, from 20-person operations to multinational businesses

With the latest edition of Call Centers For Dummies, managers will have an improved arsenal of techniques to boost their center's bottom line.











speaker on call center metrics, leadership, and sales, as well as the author of several white papers, including “The 10 Sacred Cows of Call Center Metrics” (Innovators Roundtable). He has a philosophy degree from York University and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. Bruce Simpson is a founding partner in SwitchGear Consulting with a sales background in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and insurance. He was a founder and chief operating officer of North Direct Response, a

team leaders to agents (see the following section) determines how many team leaders you need. If your call center has another layer of reporting — team leaders who report to managers, for example — you need to determine the optimal ratio of managers to team leaders so that you can calculate the size of the management team. Other groups that should be sized in relation to the call center are the various roles that support the agents and the center, such as trainers, schedulers, and quality

to working in a call center in North America, call center jobs are coveted in many other countries. Although an MBA grad in Montreal might not give much thought to a call center job, an MBA grad in Manila would jump at the chance. As we discuss in Chapter 14, motivation is at least half of what makes up agent performance, so finding a location where qualified people truly value the work may be the single most important site criterion. Moving your call center offshore comes with significant risk,

are short because they deal with simple problems, but sometimes, the call-handling process doesn’t allow agents to fully support customers. In these cases, you actually want call length to increase — along with customer satisfaction and call resolution. Your efforts to improve call-handling processes and reduce call length not only save the call center money, but also satisfy customers by providing faster access to an agent. You can achieve high satisfaction with low call lengths only if you can

your call center doesn’t use a shift bid, you need to fill vacancies in your schedule with new staff in a way that your staff sees as equitable. ✓ Shift-trading: The time-honored tradition of trading shifts really is as simple as it sounds: Give your employees a mechanism for trading their shifts (“You work my 9-to-5, and I’ll work your 1-to-9”). Staff members

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