Carnival at Candlelight (Magic Tree House #33)

Carnival at Candlelight (Magic Tree House #33)

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375830340

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

MERLIN HAS ASKED Jack and Annie to help on another Merlin Mission. This time they head back into history to Venice, Italy. With the help of a research book, a book of magic rhymes, and a set of mysterious instructions from Merlin, the heroes will save the beautiful city from a flood! Here’s another Magic Tree House book that will engage kids with history, magic, and nonstop action from beginning to end.

From the Hardcover edition.


















billow. Lightning flashed again, and Jack saw a great mass of swirling seaweed rising from the waves. Not seaweed—hair! Jack realized. A man’s giant head and neck appeared above the surface of the water. Then the man’s massive shoulders, chest, and arms rose above the storm-tossed sea. The giant loomed high above them, as tall as a mountain. “Neptune!” cried Annie. The lion let out a roar and then another and another. Lit by flashes of lightning, Neptune’s face looked as if it had been

wind started to blow. The tree house started to spin. It spun faster and faster. Then everything was still. Absolutely still. A nippy wind rustled the Frog Creek trees. Jack and Annie were wearing their jeans and jackets again. It was dawn. Annie sighed. “I wish we’d had a little more time to visit Venice,” she said. “I’m glad Lorenzo gave us his painting to finish,” said Jack. “That’ll be like living our trip all over again.” “Cool,” said Annie. “We’d better leave Morgan’s research

magic rhymes in his backpack. “So where are we going on our first mission?” he asked. “This research book from Morgan will tell you,” said Teddy. He took out a book and handed it to Jack. The cover showed a bright, colorful city surrounded by water. Jack read the title aloud: A VISIT TO VENICE, ITALY. “I’ve heard of Venice,” said Annie. “Last year Aunt Gail and Uncle Michael went there on vacation.” “Aye, ’tis a city that has long welcomed travelers,” said Teddy. “But you and Jack will

laughed. Jack opened his eyes. He and Annie were wearing purple and pink outfits with huge ruffled collars. On their heads were funny hats. On their feet were red slippers with big bows. “Who are we?” Annie asked. “I don’t know,” said Jack. He didn’t feel like a wise and brave helper in his red slippers. He felt stupid. Together Jack and Annie looked out the tree house window. They had landed in a small tree inside a walled garden. The sky was gray. Jack couldn’t tell if it was morning or

and led her out of the ruler’s living chambers. The two guards walked behind them, pointing guns at their backs. “To the end of the hall and down the steps!” growled the grouchy guard. Jack and Annie walked quickly down the hall, then down some steep, narrow steps. They moved through a low stone corridor, the guards close behind them. “Over the Bridge of Sighs!” shouted the grouchy guard. “And be sure to sigh when you cross it—because you won’t be coming back for a long time!” Jack gripped

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