Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: The Magical Car

Ian Fleming

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0763666661

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ian Fleming’s beloved original text — newly illustrated by Joe Berger!

"Crackpot" is what everybody calls the Pott family. So when they go to buy a new car and come back with a wreck, nobody is surprised. Except for the Potts themselves. First, the car has a name. And she tells them what it is. Then they find out that she can fly. And swim. . . . Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a car on a mission to stop a criminal gang in its tracks — and she is taking the Potts with her! Jump into the world’s most loved magical car for her first adventure.




















These stories are affectionately dedicated to the memory of the original CHITTY-CHITTY-BANG-BANG, built in 1920 by Count Zborowski on his estate near Canterbury. She had a pre–1914 war, chain-drive, seventy-five-horsepower Mercedes chassis, in which was installed a six-cylinder Maybach aero-engine — the military type used by the Germans in the Zeppelins. Four vertical overhead valves per cylinder were operated by exposed push-rods and rockers from a camshaft on each side of the crank case, and

CHITTY-CHITTY-BANG-BANG suddenly went mad with rage about something and, with the Count at the wheel, got out of control and charged through the timing-hut, very fast, backwards! 1. “Crackpots” 2. All Rusty and Mildewed 3. The Most Beautiful Car in the World 4. To the Sea 5. A New Member of the Family 6. Marooned 7. Nasty Surprises 8. A Nest of Crooks and Gangsters 9. Mortal Danger 10. Not Easily Frightened 11. The Bon-Bon Job 12. A Lot of Confabulation Most motor-cars are

back in their cell again, and the door was locked on them and they squatted together in the farthest corner away from the door and went on with their urgent whispering. “When we go up to the counter to buy the chocolates,” said Jeremy, “we’ve somehow got to warn Monsieur Bon-Bon that there are gangsters outside. But we don’t know half a dozen words of French between us. How can we possibly tell him?” “Could we just make faces and point our fingers at him like guns and shout ‘Bang’?” said Jemima

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disconnected or that the chassis was bent because of some crash whose scratches and dents the salesman had carefully painted over. (You have to be very cautious buying anything second-hand. You never know how careful the last owner has been. And anyway, whatever the thing is, if it is in good order, why does the person want to get rid of it?) And then at the end of the second day, they came to a broken-down little garage run by a once famous racing-driver. It was really only a big tin shed with

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