Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!)

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1440572178

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The definitive guide to cold calling success!

For more than thirty years, Stephan Schiffman, America's #1 corporate sales trainer, has shown millions of salespeople how to close a deal. In this newest edition of Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), he'll show you why cold calling is still a central element of the sales cycle and where to find the best leads. Updated with new information on e-mail selling, refining voice-mail messages, and online networking, his time-tested advice includes valuable discussion points that you'll need to cover in order to effectively present your product or service and arrange a meeting. Schiffman teaches you how to use his proven strategies to:

  • Turn leads into prospects
  • Learn more about the client's needs
  • Convey the ability to meet the client's demands
  • Overcome common objections

With Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!), 7th Edition, you'll watch your performance soar as you beat the competition and score a meeting every time!














“I'm in sales.” Of course, that says nothing. You must develop a clear, consistent message that you can use to promote your business. Everyone who's ever sold anything has thought, at one point or another, about selling to FRAs: friends, relatives, and acquaintances. That is a big mistake. It's not productive. It's not effective. It doesn't really work. What's more, it often creates enemies. Try this instead: use your friends, relatives, and acquaintances as a way to generate leads. For

reason I'm calling you today specifically is to set an appointment,” would one person give you an appointment? Absolutely; probably a lot more than one! On the other hand, if you don't give the person any idea whatsoever of what you're calling for, what's going to happen? Not much! You have to send a message. You have to let the other person know what you want. We have a relatively new assistant in our office. She was in Rome, Italy, a number of years ago when she was a student. She was a junior

and set appropriate goals based on them. Get in the habit of tracking three things: the number of dials, the number of completed calls, and the number of appointments you get. A number of years ago a salesperson told me that it took him 400 dials to set up an appointment. I asked him, “Well, how many people did you actually connect with?” He didn't know that number. Therefore, there's really no way to determine whether his number was good or bad. Okay, it wasn't great. But consider this: for all

people have been taught to turn around responses. It sounds stupid. It's completely unbelievable. What is there for you to understand at this point in the conversation? Remember: If you speak intelligently with a prospect, the prospect will speak intelligently back to you. People respond in kind. So don't say things like “I know how you feel” or “I can understand that” at this early point in the relationship. Much of the training salespeople get in cold calling encourages empathy. The problem is

the prospect's unique situation. Presentation Skills Presentation skills account for an important part of your overall success, but they probably aren't as important as you might think at first. Many people practice their presentations constantly, using role-playing, memorization, and even videotaping to hone their “moment” with the prospect. Do they realize that the ratio of calls to appointments is usually three-to-one — and sometimes even higher? I would be foolish if I told you that making

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