Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest: A Beer Lover's Guide to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest: A Beer Lover's Guide to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Lisa M. Morrison

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1604690895

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the 1970s a handful of brewers in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia were tired of the traditional light and flavorless American beers and began exploring ways to make better beer brewed from local ingredients. The “microbrews” (as they were originally called) caught on, and the Northwest quickly became the center of the craft beer movement that is now flourishing and spreading across the United States, Canada, and the world.

Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest is a suds-soaked adventure through the 115 key breweries and brew pubs in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. Lisa Morrison, aka The Beer Goddess, has included every brewery worth visiting, from pioneers like McMenamins, whose Hillsdale Brewery & Public House in southwest Portland was the first brewpub in Oregon, to a new generation of start ups like Upright Brewing, a production brewery that is creating French-Belgian inspired, open-fermented beers.

With 18 walkable pub-crawls, a beer primer and glossary, a list of the best bottle shops, Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest has everything a beer lover needs to navigate the best of what the region has to offer.




















example, and a Kölsch strain, appropriately, for their Kölsch. In some of their beers, such as Devil’s Kriek, a Belgian-style ale made with cherries from Swihart’s orchard, the brewers use both yeasts to achieve the desired flavor profile. With more than 100 locations serving Double Mountain in Portland, it’s easy to find best-sellers on tap in town, but it’s worth a drive out the Gorge to check out some of the beers that never make it out of the brewery’s vibrant pub. BIG HORSE BREWING 115

a multiple award-winner. Deschutes’ The Abyss is consistently ranked among the best beers in the world. Bend Brewing Co.’s Elk Lake IPA is a locals’ favorite. SILVER MOON BREWING CO. 24 NW Greenwood Ave. Bend, 541-388-8331 In 1988, a young man named Gary Fish founded a small brewpub in downtown Bend, naming it the Deschutes Brewery & Public House, after the nearby Deschutes River that helps define the city. The brewery expanded in 1993, allowing for growth into

buildings see over decades of neglect. The owners put the building through a massive restoration, retrofit, and rejuvenation. Two years and six million dollars later, Canoe opened, nicely juxtaposing the building’s soaring timber frame and rustic brick architecture with sparkling crystal chandeliers—truly a stunning setting for a meal, a beer, and great conversation with friends, old and new. Being both a restaurant and a brewpub meant the existing space had to be used judiciously, so head brewer

360-675-5858 OLYMPIA Eastside Club Tavern 410 Fourth Ave. E. 360-357-9985 4th Avenue Ale House 210 Fourth Ave. E. 360-786-1444 OROVILLE Alpine Brewing 821 14th Ave. 509-476-9662 POULSBO Valhöll Brewing 20186 B Front St. NE 360-990-3899 PROSSER Horse Heaven Hills Brewery 1118 Meade Ave. 509-781-6400 Whitstran Brewing 1427

were brewing beer. Then, Portland Brewing decided to set up shop at the location, and the pub shared the space with Bogart’s Joint, which was still in business, though no longer owned by McMenamin. Later, Portland Brewing took over the space occupied by Bogart’s Joint, turning that half into a rowdier bar scene and making the western half into more of a restaurant. You can still see stencils of bees in the women’s restroom, a throwback to a time when the entire bathroom was painted honey-colored

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