Creative Business: Achieving Your Goals Through Creative Thinking and Action

Creative Business: Achieving Your Goals Through Creative Thinking and Action

Chris Genasi, Tim Bills

Language: English

Pages: 161


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

While many people in business have strong analytic skills creativity has been undervalued in many organizations. The authors draw attention to creative thinking and action and how this can be used to solve business problems and improve performance. They show how some companies have achieved success as a result of creativity and provide a step by step guide for companies and individuals to become more creative. The book also contains numerous scenarios that encourage the reader to solve problems imaginatively and to apply these creative thoughts to their own business problems.












throw against a wall, the more that is likely to stick. As we practice handling different situations, or trying new things, we become more comfortable and better at understanding how to shape events to our advantage. 43 Creative business 44 Humans are remarkable in the way they can cope with changes in circumstances and altered events. The human sprit – if kept positive – will adapt to make the most of transformed circumstances. If we allow it, we can cope with adjustment, and assimilate new

and in later sections it will become clear how to play this vital game of creative matchmaking. Good pressure – bad pressure As well as having the right tools in our hand, we often need the right sort of incentive or pressure to apply them. We often feel that pressure is a disabler of creativity, but the truth is that sometimes we need pressure to perform. Often short deadlines or limited resources or options bring out the best in us. Necessity is often the mother of innovation, but we sometimes

creativity and revolutionary creativity The difference between these two approaches is essentially defined by the outcome you are looking for. ᔢ Evolutionary creative thinking is to do with fine tuning and improving what is already reasonably high-quality. For example, a process that works well but can still be improved, or taking a strong basic idea that needs refining, or building a powerful overarching theme into a fully tailored campaign that needs to be adapted for specific markets,

minutes as Asda, five as Virgin, five as Harrods, five more as British Airways and so on. 125 Creative business 126 Creative technique number 28: Creative style: Time and format: Ideas or bust Revolutionary Works well as a 30-minute power session in a small group of 4–6 Think of something you could do that would put you out of business. Then take that idea and – for three minutes – write down everything that is positive about this idea. Then spend another three minutes on everything

have been expressed, but when you look at the outcome you see that you have nothing more than twenty or thirty flipchart sheets of wild notes, scribbles, drawings and diagrams. How do you turn this myriad of crazy creative ideas into hard, money-making actions? The answer lies in identifying the appeal in an idea, no matter how wild, and then building a bridge to transport that appeal into your business. This is a process that you may be able to apply in the creative problem solving session

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