Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks (Greenwood Press "Daily Life Through History")

Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks (Greenwood Press "Daily Life Through History")

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 1624661297

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Significantly expanded and updated in light of the most recent scholarship, the second edition of Garland's engaging introduction to ancient Greek society brings this world vividly to life--and, in doing so, explores the perspectives and morals of typical ancient Greek citizens across a wide range of societal levels. Food and drink, literacy, the plight of the elderly, the treatment of slaves, and many more aspects of daily life in ancient Greece also come into sharp focus. More than sixty illustrations are included, as are maps, a chronology, a glossary of Greek terms, and suggestions for further reading.


















Courtesy akg-images, London: Peter Connolly. 72 Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks Telemachos’s claim about the dominant role of men in Homeric society, his father Odysseus constantly finds himself in a position of weakness and dependency vis-à-vis women. As in the real world, so in the world of The Odyssey, female power takes many guises: beauty, intelligence, cunning, resourcefulness, wisdom, and charm. The women whom Odysseus encounters—Kalypso, Kirke, Nausikaä, Arete, and his wife

mundane level, I believe we can better comprehend the mentalité of the Greeks by grappling with the conditions of their daily lives. The fact that Perikles, like most Athenians, probably ate very little for breakfast tells us relatively little; the fact that, like so many Athenians, he lost two sons to the great plague before succumbing to it himself tells us a great deal, and both circumstances in the end are woven into the texture of daily life. Some of the questions I consider to be especially

behind his back. What about grumbling as you’re going outside after being beaten? 110 Slave A: Slave B: Slave A: Slave B: Slave A: Slave B: Slave A: Daily Life of the Ancient Greeks That’s great! What about not minding your own business? That’s terrific! You’re a man after my own heart. What about eavesdropping when he’s having a private conversation? That’s enough to drive me wild with delight! What about gossiping to your friends about what you discover? Do you like that? Do I like it? By

in protein, do not appear to have been regarded as an important foodstuff. Fruits included grapes, figs, apples, pears, and dates. Nuts were generally harvested wild. Almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and chestnuts were widely distributed throughout Greece. Olive oil, used in the preparation of many meals, was the principal source of fat. It also served in religious rituals and was applied to the body after exercise. The importance of olives for the Athenian Private Life 145 economy is indicated

men, whether servile or free. Whatsoever I see or hear in the course of my duties, or outside the course of my duties in my dealings with my fellow men, I will not divulge if it be matters that should not be gossiped abroad, but I will regard such matters as not to be spoken of. If I keep this oath and do not break it, may I prosper both in regard to my life and my art for all time. But if I violate it and break my oath, may the opposite fate befall me. Epidemics The most famous epidemic in

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