Daphnis and Chloe (Penguin Classics)

Daphnis and Chloe (Penguin Classics)


Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0140440593

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A masterpiece among early Greek romances

A tender novel describing eager and inept young love, Daphnis and Chloe tells the story of a baby boy and girl who are discovered separately, two years apart, alone and exposed on a Greek mountainside. Taken in by a goatherd and a shepherd respectively, and raised near the town of Mytilene, they grow to maturity unaware of one another's existence - until the mischievous god of love, Eros, creates in them a sudden overpowering desire for one another. A masterpiece among early Greek romances, attracting both high praise and moral disapproval, this work has proved an enduringly fertile source of inspiration for musicians, writers and artists from Henry Fielding to Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot and Maurice Ravel. Longus transforms familiar themes from the romance genre - including pirates, dreams, and the supernatural - into a virtuoso love story that is rich in insight, humorous and ironical in its treatment of human sexual experience.

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her get up again and, following the example of the he-goats, tried embracing her from behind. Then, feeling more baffled than ever, he sat down and burst into tears, to think that any sheep knew more about love than he did. [15] He had a neighbour called Chromis, who farmed his own land. Chromis, though physically past his prime, had imported a wife from town who was young and pretty and by country standards rather elegant. Her name was Lycaenion. Seeing Daphnis go past every morning as he drove

grapes were turning dark, as if ripening in competition with the apples and the pears. So much for the cultivated trees; but there were also cypresses and laurels and plane-trees and pines. All these were overgrown, not by a vine, but by ivy; and the clusters of ivy-berries, which were big and beginning to turn black, looked exactly like bunches of grapes. The fruit-trees were in the middle, as if for protection, and the other trees stood round them, as if to wall them in; but these in their

were made to the local gods. Then Daphnis collected all his pastoral possessions together and divided them out among the gods as thank-offerings. To Dionysus he offered his knapsack and his goatskin, to Pan his shepherd’s staff and the milk-pails that he had made with his own hands. And so true is it that familiar objects have a greater appeal than unfamiliar blessings, that he wept over each of these things as he parted from it. Nor did he offer up the milk-pails until he had once more milked

wife what he had seen, showed her what he had found, and told her to treat the baby as her daughter and bring it up as if it were her own, without letting anyone know the truth. So Nape (for that is what she was called) immediately began to mother the child and love it, for fear of being outdone by the ewe. And to make the thing convincing, she too gave the child a pastoral name, Chloe. [7] These children grew up very quickly and were noticeably better-looking than ordinary country people. And

orders that Daphnis should in future be a goatherd, and Chloe a shepherdess. [8] Their first reaction to this dream was disappointment, to think that the children were to be ordinary shepherds and goatherds after all, when the tokens had seemed to promise better things – for which reason they had been given especially good food, and taught to read and write and do all the things that were regarded as great accomplishments in the country. But then it seemed best to accept divine guidance in the

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