Don't Care High

Don't Care High

Gordon Korman

Language: English

Pages: 127

ISBN: 1443113980

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

I received the text of this in a .txt file. Since it is unavailable as a retail ePub, I went through it line by line, cleaning it up and comparing it to my original paperback copy. I think it's about as good as it can be. Hope you enjoy it.

Amazon Synopsis:

Paul Abrams has just moved from Saskatoon to New York City. At first he thinks that "Don't Care High" is just a funny nickname for his new school, Don Carey High. But he soon discovers that it's a pretty accurate description. The school is run down, the student body is apathetic to the point of being comatose, and he has to barter for his own locker from Feldstein, the locker baron.

Then Paul meets Sheldon, who has a grand plan. He gets Mike Otis the most mysterious, oblivious and least interested student in the school elected student council president, and then uses Mike's name to get things changed. Soon the Don't Care students find themselves caring in spite of themselves, and the administration is baffled and worried because...who IS the mysterious Mike Otis, anyway?

Featuring some of its zaniest characters to date, Don't Care High, remains a treasured favourite among longtime Korman fans, and continues to speak to anyone who is trying to get through high school!
















reasons, not the least of which was that it was not possible to use chemicals at room temperature when the darkroom was fifty-seven degrees. Then there was Wayne-o's annoying habit of arriving late and turning on the lights in the darkroom to see if anyone was there. And the class seemed to be having an inordinate amount of trouble just remembering to bring cameras to school. In many cases, there were no photographs to enlarge. Looking at his contact sheet, Paul was impressed to see that most

sauce patented under the name Rocco. All weekend he listened with a hopeful heart to bulletins on the progress of the tomato juice baths at Auntie Nancy's house. So it was an exhausted and supremely overtaxed Paul who presented himself for school on Monday morning. The last thing he needed in this world, he reflected, was more aggravation. Mr. Gamble and Mr. Morrison arrived at the office at the same time, each with The Otis Report on his mind. Mr. Gamble was in a state of outrage, roaring,

love him?" Coincidentally, all the planned repairs to the school were over by that week. Sheldon pounced on this mercilessly. "The minute Mike was gone, the school board stopped all its improvements to our school!" he howled at a cheering mob packed into a little-used fourth floor hall. "I think it's obvious that they got rid of Mike because he was too effective" Mike Otis was noticing changes in his life. His photograph was appearing all over the school along with posters and banners that

coming from the cafeteria today?" added Mrs. Wolfe. "They're working up some kind of ritual chant!" Miss Vlorque emitted a quick, "nervous giggle. "They'll probably start doing it in class! I don't know if I can face it!" "Just let them try it in my class!" thundered Mr. Hennessey. "Ill-" "Calm down, everybody," ordered the vice-principal sharply. "I hear you all, and I realize it's a problem. I figured this would all die out when we asked for new nominations. Maybe I was wrong." He turned

as rather extravagant. "Well, if we can't do any of that stuff," said Wayne-o, "we may as well have a party." Sheldon pounced on the idea. "Yes, and despite his greatness, it's fitting that we should send him off as a normal Don't Care student, because that's what he'll want to be remembered as." So the next morning, Sheldon and Paul appeared in the guidance office to appeal to Mr. Morrison for help. Mr. Morrison sighed. "It's a wonderful idea, boys, but I really don't think the school

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