DRAFT Magazine (January/February 2013)

DRAFT Magazine (January/February 2013)

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artisanal, local ethos, and that they combine to form a range of beers that has something for everyone. And virtually everyone flocks to this quaint 19th-century house; elderly couples and picnicking families by day, and a vibrant younger set at night. The beers—five on tap, three on cask, and always changing—are as diverse as the crowd, presenting a spectrum of colors and flavors that always includes at least one sour. Olson’s Solaire, a 4.5%-ABV saison, usually anchors the lighter end, while

Boston-area bar’s packed to the rafters with students each night, but the Publick House isn’t a typical college bar: With its deliciously Old World tap and bottle selection (predominantly Belgian and Belgian-style) and authentic abbey décor, it’s the perfect place to study up on Trappist beer culture. 1648 Beacon St., 617.277.2880 Allston, Mass. With a selection as vast in scope as the majors of liberal arts students who populate the bar, energetic Sunset’s one of the best spots in Boston to

Belgianstyle list—and that’s just the bottle selection. The Bee’s two bars split 19 taps from breweries east of the Mississippi, but don’t miss the rare barrel option: These special beers were aged specifically for sale at this craft-obsessed spot. 225 S. Wilmington St., busybeeraleigh.com Charleston, S.C. Don’t let the name fool you: This artsy, screen print-lined Charleston spot’s open and pouring the best beer around. Classic and trendy pints abound, but stick to the bar’s perfectly themed

hushed earthy hop presence; firm bitterness attempts to cut through the malts with little success. While Tres Vaqueros’ malt profile makes it worthy of a second round, it really deserves a more vibrant hop partner to play with. Three Monkeys Brewing Co. Las Vegas, Nevada 3monkeysbrewing.com American Amber Ale ABV: 5.5% IBU: 26 RATING 86 AMBER ALE A deliciously sweet nose of caramel and chocolate evokes the candy aisle; hushed, husky grains bring it back into beer territory. On the tongue,

and the brewery tap for Brodie’s beers, made in the shed next door. The handles feature diverse regulars and experiments in keg and cask; like the pints, the rooms are cheap. brodiesbeers.co.uk P Southampton Arms Dedicated to small British brewers and cider makers, with 10 ales and eight ciders on cask plus two keg taps, serious meat pies and a clipboard for guest beer requests. thesouthamptonarms.co.uk • 24 DRAFTMAG.COM JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2013 Imported by S & H Independent Premium Brands,

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