Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

Liz Kessler

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0763660191

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Follow the siren call to Emily’s magical new adventure! Can the spunky half-mer girl pass Neptune’s test—and help humans and merpeople get along?

Emily Windsnap is finally enjoying a swimmingly peaceful life on Allpoints Island, hanging out with her mermaid BFF, Shona, and her new friend Aaron (half-merperson like herself ). But their idyll is cut short when Emily learns that the Windsnaps and friends must return to their old home in Brightport, where construction projects are threatening a secret mermaid community under the sea. Neptune’s mandate? No less than an interspecies intervention to bring merpeople and humans together, a task the imperious god feels the mixed Windsnap family is well suited for. There are just a few snags for Emily, however, like dealing with old nemeses Mandy and Mr. Beeston, figuring out her feelings toward Aaron, and untangling a high-suspense mystery related to a group of legendary lost sirens. Everyone’s favorite half-mermaid is back with a splash in a sparkling new adventure her fans will be eager to get their fins on.



















I knew we were meant to be friends now, but I still didn’t trust him, and I didn’t see how Mom and Dad could be so happy to forgive and forget. “So I’ve heard,” Mom said. Millie had gotten up to check herself out in the mirror again. She pulled at her hair and straightened her dress and was getting her lipstick out of her bag again when there was a noise downstairs. “That’s him!” Millie squeaked. “He’s back!” We all raced over to the trapdoor and looked down. Sure enough, two seconds later

“What happened then?” Aaron asked. “She said that something bad had happened. Something so bad that she was terrified. She decided that she had no option but to go into hiding, although she was sure it would only be for a while. Then she asked three things of me. One, that I never ask her what she’d done; two, that I never tell the others about the state she was in; and three, that I would never desert her.” “What did you say?” Shona asked, her eyes wide, her tail flicking gently. “I agreed

Whatever magic the shell holds, maybe your magic can bring it out — especially if you take it away from here. The shell will never get the chance to share its secret bound and trapped down here with us.” “What if you’re wrong about all this?” I asked. “If I’m wrong, as long as it’s back in her room by tonight, we haven’t lost anything. If I’m right and you can reveal the shell’s secret, you could save us all.” She looked at Shona, and then back at me. “Including your best friend,” she added. I

the hill. “What was that?” I asked. “The wind, I imagine,” Aaron said absently. “Aaron,” I said, “there isn’t any wind. I’m going to look.” “Wait, I’ll come with you.” We climbed the small hill, dodging loose stones, slipping on gravel, and searching for the shell as we climbed. The top was as deserted as the beach. “Nothing,” Aaron said. “I told you it was only the —” He stopped. His mouth open wide, he slowly raised a hand to point across to the other side of the island. “What?” I asked.

Shiprock. “Good,” Mrs. Sharktail continued, looking around at the school with her version of a smile. It was like a jagged little line across her face with the tiniest upward curl in each corner. “In that case, you will understand why we have recently tightened our school rules.” Shona was right, then. Aaron and I were officially against the rules. She went on. “And you will doubtless share my horror at a discovery I made earlier today.” She swam a few strokes in our direction. Every eye that

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