Eyewitness Companions: Whiskey (Eyewitness Companion Guides)

Eyewitness Companions: Whiskey (Eyewitness Companion Guides)

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0756633494

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Whether you are looking to find out more about the production techniques and history of your favorite distillery or want to discover a hidden gem that you've never tried before, this book tells and shows you everything you need to know, including comprehensive tasting notes of recommended whiskies, serving suggestions, and food and whiskey pairing. It is a book to enjoy at your leisure, but the guide's compact size and flexi cover also make it ideal as a portable reference to take to a restaurant, whiskey shop, or on a visit to a distillery.




















www.benriachdistillery.co.uk Having built Longmorn near Elgin in 1894, John Duff decided to add a sister distillery four years later. Benriach operated for just three seasons, supplying malt whisky to the Pattisons (see p142), the biggest blenders of their day. When Pattisons went bust, Benriach promptly shut down and remained closed for the next 65 years. It only survived because no one wanted to build a supermarket or parking lot Gordon & Macphail Benromach Distillery was bought and reopened

brokers WP Lowrie in 1897 on the edge of the Craigellachie forest, just beyond Keith. Standing beside what is now the A95 and with a siding at the back that joined the main east-coast rail line from Aberdeen to Inverness, Glentauchers was certainly well connected. Once Buchanan took over the distillery completely in 1906, its future looked secure so long as Black & White continued to thrive. It suffered during the distillery closures of the 1980s, but was rescued by new owners in 1988. Today, as

further expansion is not an option. Due to lack of space, the eight warehouses, where 440,000 gallons (2 million liters) of Glengoyne lie in cask, are across the road and officially in the Lowlands, the distillery being situated right on the Highland Line. After years in the shadow scotland: Highlands and Islands Originally called Burnfoot, the distillery at Glengoyne has had a license since 1833. of its stablemate Macallan, Glengoyne was bought by Ian Macleod Distillers in 2003, and, as

comprises Speyside honey, and orchard malts (Aberlour and fruits, with a radiant warm Glenallachie in particular) amber color. Round and and selected grain whiskies. creamy on the palate, with a It is a smooth, light whisky full, rich taste of honey and with a fruity finish. ripe apples, and notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and hazelnut. Rich and lingering. Clan MacGregor Chivas Regal 18 40% ABV An intense dark amber color, with multilayered aromas of dried fruits, spice, and buttery toffee.

whiskey requirements, which is unusual in today’s industry— straight from the cask; some in Scotland, grain whisky for would even bottle it, though, back then, glass bottles were blending tends to be bought an expensive innovation that in from specialist grain would surely never catch on! whisky distilleries. However, After the foundation of Cooley’s grain distilling Irish Distillers, sales to the operation doesn’t have the country’s spirit merchants kind of economies of scale were scaled back

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