Fairness Is Overrated: And 51 Other Leadership Principles to Revolutionize Your Workplace

Fairness Is Overrated: And 51 Other Leadership Principles to Revolutionize Your Workplace

Tim Stevens

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1400206545

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Discover the tools of leadership to revolutionize your workplace.

Tim Stevens traveled an alternative road―leaving high school and immediately joining a national non-profit organization. He rose quickly through the ranks of leadership, but nine years later left it all behind to help an upstart church get its footing. During the 20 years Stevens served as Executive Pastor at Granger Community Church near South Bend, Indiana, the ministry grew from a congregation of 300 to more than 5,000; from a staff of five to more than 130; with a preschool, restaurant, three campuses and more than 1,800 new churches planted in southern India.

Leaders learn by leading. Stevens knows that creating a healthy and successful organization requires throwing out the conventional instruction manual and writing one that balances practical lessons, spiritual truths, and twenty-first century realities―exactly what you will find in Fairness Is Overrated.

Stevens, now an executive with the Vanderbloemen Search Group, takes his lifetime of service and dispenses with conventional wisdom. Short, powerful chapters end with actionable discussion questions. Four pillars hold up every successful leader: Be a person of integrity. Identify the right people around you. Build a great culture. Lead through crisis.

This is a manual of doing, not talking. No fluff, no stale inspirational platitudes. It’s time to move past planning and kick-start Monday into action.


















planning, and vision time) on the calendar first. Otherwise you’ll never find time for those priorities. 2. Stack your meetings. If it’s within your control, try to schedule all your meetings on the same day or two each week. I knew I wouldn’t get much productive work done on those days, but I was going to have some great conversations, help move the ball down the field on some projects, and keep my staff moving forward because of our connections. Stacking your meetings will keep you from

I love my wife. And I love the marriages of my close friends. For those reasons, I choose a few inconveniences. THINK ABOUT IT 1. What rumble strips do you need to put in place for yourself? 2. What rumble strips should you consider having everyone on your staff or team agree to? CHAPTER THIRTEEN BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR MY BACKYARD IS TO DIE FOR. ASK ANYONE WHO HAS SEEN it. It is more than an acre, with a huge playset, two tree houses connected by a bridge, a swimming pool, a zip

meeting to share reports of great customer interactions or feedback. What are our customers saying? Where is our product helping better people’s lives? 2. Spotlight Following stories, we spent time putting one individual in the spotlight. With no warning ahead of time, we asked someone to sit up front and field questions from the rest of the team. We found out about his or her childhood, likes and dislikes, faith journey, spouse, hobbies, and history. This gave us an opportunity to get to know

I lost some of my dearest friends because of changes we made at the church along the way. Some of them I lost because of changes that I personally initiated—and it’s really hard. It’s messy. Scott Wilson is a pastor in Texas who wrote a book called Steering Through Chaos. Regarding chaos, he wrote: If we think that everybody on our staff and in leadership in the church is going to stand up and cheer when we steer them through chaos, we’re deluding ourselves. A few hardy souls may thrive on

Zondervan, 2002). 3. Kent Shaffer, “The 25 Most Innovative Churches in America,” Church Relevance: Creating Relevant, Effective Ministries (blog), as cited in Outreach Magazine, December 2006, http://churchrelevance.com/the-25-most-innovative-churches-in-america/. 4. Bill Hybels and Jack Welch, “Winning,” Southeastern University Leadership Forum, Lakeland, FL, 2009. PART ONE: BE A LEADER WORTH FOLLOWING 1. Granger Community Church, “Rumble Strips,” Vimeo.com, October 30, 2010,

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