Farm Fresh Fun #2 (Phoebe G. Green)

Farm Fresh Fun #2 (Phoebe G. Green)

Veera Hiranandani

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 044846697X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Gently humorous black-and-white illustrations pair nicely with the text. With all the foodies out there, this delightful series deserves a long shelf life…and many more courses."--Kirkus Reviews

"Fans of Junie B. Jones and Judy Moody . . . will enjoy this."--School Library Journal

"Age-appropriate humor via an outspoken, lovable, take-charge narrator. Dreidemy’s wiggly spot illustrations, meanwhile, supply plenty of nervous energy."--Booklist 

Phoebe’s class is going on a field trip to a farm to learn about where food comes from. Phoebe and her friends can’t wait to collect eggs from chickens, watch goats get milked, pick apples, and help make a farm fresh lunch. But when Phoebe and Sage decide to help goats by opening their gate, a peaceful field trip turns into a wild, noisy adventure. Before long, they learn an important lesson about farm animals—and in telling the truth!















to Camille. “How about we all sit together?” I suggested, even though I knew we would be crowded. They looked at each other and nodded. When we got on the bus, I found a seat in the back and we sat down, me in the middle feeling hot and squished. “Hey, can you guys move over?” I asked. Camille moved over a little bit. “I’m going to fall off if I move any more.” “Sage, can you?” I asked, fanning myself. “Not unless you want me to jump out the window,” he said. I slumped down in my seat.

Elizabeth,” Jenna said. “She’s one of our best producers. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. Don’t worry, just reach right in there.” Jenna showed me how to slip my hand under the chicken and grab an egg. I gave Elizabeth one last look in her tiny chicken eyes, held my breath, and stuck my hand under her. Then I felt it. A real live egg, all smooth and warm! I took it out. It was big and kind of bluish brown instead of bright white, which is what eggs usually look like at the grocery store. I held it up

you need to stay with the group,” she said. “The goats got out!” Sage blurted. I just nodded very fast. “What?” Mrs. B seemed very surprised. “How did they get out?” she asked slowly. Sage shrugged, which is what Sage does when he doesn’t know what to say. “Phoebe?” she asked. “Um, well, they pushed through the gate?” I said, feeling my face get very hot. “How did they push through the gate? Did you help them?” Sage shrugged again. “I don’t know?” I said. For some reason, everything I

my face a few times to chase them away. I looked at Sage. He stared at his boots with his arms crossed. His bottom lip trembled. “I just played with the latch. I didn’t know they would push through like that,” I said. “I understand how accidents can happen, but I expected better behavior from you,” Mrs. B said. “You need to apologize to Jenna.” We both croaked out, “I’m sorry.” “Apology accepted,” Farmer Jenna said as she stood up and nodded back at us, but she didn’t smile. Then she gestured

apple tart recipe. He gave us one that he said “even elephants could make.” I thought that was a weird thing to say, but I once heard that elephants were pretty smart, so I hoped it wasn’t too hard. We rolled out the dough into a square, put the cut apples on it all nice and pretty, and covered it with melted butter, sugar, and lots of cinnamon, of course. When it was done baking, I had to run out of the kitchen quick with my hands over my mouth so I wouldn’t eat it. The next morning, I

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