Fifth Formers at St. Clare's (St Clare's, Book 6)

Fifth Formers at St. Clare's (St Clare's, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 117

ISBN: 1405228776

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Miss Cornwallis is mistress of the fifth form. Hilary Wentworth is a calm and dignified head-girl. Being in the fifth form means quite a lot of changes – for example, the girls have got studies of their own now, instead of common rooms and dormitories, the first – and second-formers have got to work for them. For some reason, Mirabel has been made games captain for the school, and Gladys vice captain. It is not explained why or how Mirabel has developed such good sporting abilities, nor is it explained why she is no longer musical. In her first term at St Clare's she was written as a very musical girl, talented at the piano and the violin.















used the shoe-cream-plastered all the toast with it! She deserves a good spanking.' Angela was white with anger. She put her head out of the door and saw a first former passing. ' Hey, Molly,' she called,' go and find Antoinette and tell her to come here at once.' 'Yes, Angela,' said Molly, and went off. Very soon Antoinette appeared, her dark eyes wide with alarm, and her lips trembling as if with emotion. ' Antoinette! How dare you put shoe-cream on our toast ?' almost screamed Angela. '

di-boom,' finished Felicity and banged the desk hard. ' Ah, I've got it at last!' The girls laughed. Acting or not, it was very funny. Felicity beamed round. ' I have it!' she said. ' The melody I've had in my mind for the last two weeks. It goes like this-la-di-la-di-la . . .' Now it was Miss Willcox's turn to bang on the desk. It was seldom that she really did lose her temper, for she considered that meant a loss of dignity, and Miss Willcox always liked to appear dignified and

shall I do to get away from this dreadful Mirabel ? I knock at the door. I go in ! ' The girls were amused and wondered what Claudine could have found so suddenly to say to Miss Theobald. ' What excuse did you make ? ' asked Janet. ' I held a long conversation with Miss Theobald,' said Claudine, solemnly. 'Ah, we talked, and we talked, whilst the poor Mirabel, she waited patiently outside the door !' ' What on earth did you talk about ?' said Bobby, curiously. Claudine looked mischievous.

out who did ring that bell, and make them own up, it would take a great load off poor Jane's mind !' Violet Hill was feeling uncomfortable that morning, when she heard how ill Jane was. She remembered her quarrel with Jane, and the unkind things she had said. She wished she hadn't now. ' It will be a good thing to play in the match this after- noon,' said Sally. 'Take our minds off everything ! We'll feel better out on the field, playing or watching.' But Mirabel threw a bomb-shell that

rang, and never did Miss Willcox feel so relieved to hear it. She gathered up her books and sailed out. The girls rounded on Anne-Marie. " That was a beastly thing to do !' said Hilary. ' I thought it was funny,' said Claudine. ' You would !' said Pat. ' It was certainly clever, but it wasn't a decent thing to do,' ' I know it wasn't,' said Anne-Marie, defiantly. 'But I wanted to get my own back. And I did.' 'Well, I hope you're happy about it,' said Alison, bitterly. ' Trying to humiliate a

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