Filipino Celebrations: A Treasury of Feasts and Festivals

Filipino Celebrations: A Treasury of Feasts and Festivals

Liana Romulo

Language: English

Pages: 48

ISBN: 0804838216

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This multicultural children's book is full of Filipino holidays, culture, language and stories!

In the Philippines, people love to celebrate—holidays are filled with music and dancing, sometimes with colorful costumes, and always with great food! Rich with detailed watercolors and cultural flavor, Filipino Celebrations: A Treasury of Feasts and Festivals makes major holidays (like Christmas) and family gatherings (like weddings and birthdays) come alive.

From these pages, children will learn the history of each holiday, its cultural influences, the varied ways in which people celebrate in different regions of the Philippines, special customs and food, key words and phrases (in English and Tagalog), and more. Games, songs, and other activities invite young readers to join in the fun. New and familiar holidays take on a special flavor as children learn about the diverse cultures that make up this wonderful island nation. Perfect for Filipino-American families looking to share the unique culture of the Philippines, educators interested in promoting multiculturalism in the classroom, or anyone interested in the country, Filipino Celebrations will encourage children ages five to ten to participate and learn while having fun.

Celebrations and festivals include:

  • Mga Kaarawan—Birthdays
  • Semana Santa—Holy Week
  • Mga Barrio Fiestas—Town Festivals
  • Mga Binyag—Baptisms
  • Araw ng Kalayaan—Independence Day and more!















soldier who speared Christ’s body after the Crucifixion. A drop of Christ’s blood landed in his eye, famously curing his blindness. After this miracle, he converted to Christianity, which is why his fellow soldiers wanted to kill him. Each Christian town in the Philippines has a patron saint, and each saint has a feast or fiesta. In a typical Filipino barrio, fiesta is the time of year when everyone comes alive with excitement. Santa Clara, for example, is the patron saint of the northern

the village to Christianize them. Before long, the local government would spend lavishly for fiestas, consuming rice stocks meant for times of famine or hardship. Thus, in 1677, King Charles II of Spain ordered that each town honor not more than one patron saint. Today, patron-saint festivals, or fiestas patronales, take place not just in the Philippines but in every town in Spain and other Spanish-speaking nations. The Philippines The Philippines is a nation of more than seven thousand

paste, adding water if necessary. Mix in 12 packets of food coloring and 2½ tablespoons of rock salt. 4 Spread the paste thinly on the fresh leaves and steam for 5 minutes. After steaming, dry the kiping in a shaded area. 5 Peel off the kiping individually and pile them together. Put a wooden chopping board or other heavy object on top of the kiping for at least half a day. 6 Separate the kiping and let them dry. The Carabao Festival Pulilan, Bulacan * 14th of May Preparations for the

the Spanish referred to the Philippine Visayan islands when they first landed there. This is because the native warriors wore tribal tattoos, very often covering their entire bodies, as if painted from head to toe. Eventually, Spanish priests banned tattoos because they believed them to be savage and evil. The Pintados Festival showcases the ancient heritage of the people of Leyte and Samar through music, dance, and—of course—body painting. The Sandugo Festival Bohol * 25th of March There is

Celerio wrote the Tagalog lyrics later on. Christmas has arrived Let us sing Beautiful hymns Because God is love When Christ was born There were Three Kings who visited And each one offered Their respective gifts It’s a new year so we must change our lives So that our people will be glad Let us strive in order for us to achieve Prosperity Let us sing While the world is tranquil The day has arrived Of the child that came from heaven Let us love one another And follow the golden

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