Five on Kirrin Island Again (Famous Five, Book 6)

Five on Kirrin Island Again (Famous Five, Book 6)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 79

ISBN: 0340931647

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

What is Uncle Quentin up to on Kirrin Island? He won't let anyone visit - not even the Famous Five! But he's not alone on George's island - somebody is watching his every move! Can Julian, Anne, Dick, George and Timmy the dog find out who and warn Uncle Quentin?




















gave a watery sort of smile. She folded up the letter and turned away. ‘Well, I think it’s just the limit,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t have felt so bad if only Father had asked my permission.~ ‘He’d never do that!’ said Anne. ‘It just wouldn’t occur to him. Now George, don’t spend the rest of the day brooding over your wrongs, for goodness’ sake. Go down to the kennels and fetch Timmy. He’ll soon cheer you up.’ Timothy was George’s dog, whom she loved with all her heart. He was a big brown mongrel

were trembling and she found it difficult to switch on her torch. She went to the fireplace recess and flashed the light in it. She gave a gasp! Half-way up the recess at the back was a black opening! She flashed the light up there. Evidently there was a movable stone half-way up that swung back and revealed an entrance behind. An entrance to what? Were there steps, such as were shown in the old map? Feeling quite breathless, George stood on tip-toe and flashed her light into the hole. Yes —

Martin? Look for him and get help for me, will you?’ shouted Mr.’ Curton, and then groaned again. Anne climbed’ to the top of the quarry’ and looked down. She cupped her hands round her mouth and shouted loudly: ‘You’re a very wicked man. I shan’t fetch help for you. I simply can’t bear you!’ ‘Arid, having got, all that off her chest, the little girl shot off at top speed over the moor. ‘I must tell Aunt Fanny. She’ll know what to do! Oh ‘I hope the’ others are safe. What shall we do if the

bark was louder than their shouts! ‘WOOF! WOOF! WOOF!’ Anne heard the barking and the shouting as soon as she ran into the little stone room. ‘Where are you? Where are you?’ she yelled. ‘HERE! HERE! MOVE THE STONE!’ yelled Julian, shouting so loudly that everyone near him jumped violently. ‘Move aside, Miss - I can see which stone it is,’ said a man’s deep voice. It was one of the fishermen. He felt round and about the stone in the recess, sure it was the right one because it was cleaner than

they?’ Yes — they have. But now we must say good-bye to the Five, and to Kirrin Island too. Good-bye, Julian, Dick, George, Anne — and Timmy. But only Timmy hears our good-bye, for he has such sharp ears.

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