Famous Five: 3: Five Run Away Together

Famous Five: 3: Five Run Away Together

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 244


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy the dog find excitement and adventure wherever they go in Enid Blyton's most popular series.

In their third adventure, the Famous Five discover that someone has been on George's island. And what is locked in the mysterious trunk hidden on Kirrin Island?

The Famous Five think they're on the trail of smugglers - until they hear a child scream...

The text in this edition has been sensitively edited for today's reader and is unillustrated.




















don’t need to,” said Anne, eagerly. “I got plenty myself today, and stored them at the back of the cave, in case we wanted a fire.” “Isn’t she a good little house-wife!” said Julian, in great admiration. “She may go to sleep when she’s look-out, but she’s wide-awake enough when it comes to making a house for us out of a cave! All right, Anne—we’ll make a fire for you!” They all got up and fetched the sticks from the back of the cave. Anne had been to the jackdaw tower and had picked up armfuls

elephant next. The echoes would like that!” “Funny the Sticks all staying on the island like this,” said Dick, thoughtfully. “They’ve left Kirrin Cottage—but they’re not looking for us. They must be in league with the smugglers all right. Perhaps that’s why Mrs. Stick took the job with your mother, George � to be near the island when the time came—when the smugglers wanted their help.” “We could really go back to Kirrin Cottage, couldn’t we?” said Anne, who, much as she loved the island, .was

about here and interfering with our plans? It makes me scared. Just when things are going nicely Too!” “Is it all right to leave here just now?” said Mr. Stick, doubtfully. “Suppose whoever was here yesterday is still here—they might pop down into the dungeons when we’re gone.” “Well, they’re not here,” said Mrs. Stick, firmly. “Use your common sense, if you’ve got any—wouldn’t our Edgar yell the place down if he was being kept prisoner on this little island—and wouldn’t we hear him? I tell

the matter? Been doing a burglary, or something, and come to own up?” “Listen!” said George, suddenly, hearing a loud voice in the .room next to theirs. “That’s Father’s voice!” She darted to the door. The policeman called to her, shocked. “Now don’t you go in there. The Inspector’s in there. Come over here special, he has, and mustn’t be interrupted.” But George had flung open the door and gone inside. Her father turned and saw her. He rose to his feet. “George! Where have you been? How dare

smoke. “If only my boat was ready!” said George, restlessly. “I’d go over this afternoon. I’ve a good mind to go and get my boat, even if the paint tr wet.” “Don’t be an idiot!” said Julian. “You know what an awful row we’d get into if we go home with all our things bright red. Have a bit of sense, George.” George gave up the idea. She watched for a steamer to appear at one side of the island or another, to come into the bay, but none came. “Probably anchored out there,” said Dick. “Come on!

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