Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

Eric Wight

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1416964851

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Frankie Pickle returns for another imaginative adventure and this time it all comes down to race cars. Well, not quite race cars, but the Pine Run Derby for scouts. Frankie is in danger of not advancing to the next ranking with the rest of his troop unless he can win the Pine Run 3000. But Frankie wants to do everything on his own so he imagines himself as a world-class sculptor, a mad scientist, and of course, a pro-racecar driver. In the end, Frankie learns that team work is the only way he won't get left in the dust.















Too late. Frankie and Dad were already pulling out of the driveway. CHAPTER FOUR Humphrey’s Hobby Shop was like a candy store for your brain. Whether you craved pom-poms or puffy paints, glue guns or glitter pens, every aisle was a rainbow assortment of do-it-yourself delights. “There’s no time to wander,” said Dad. “The store closes in fifteen minutes.” “Sure thing,” said Frankie. “I’m right behind yo—” Was that a rock polishing machine? Look at all those colors of felt. And pipe cleaners.

till it’s done.” “All right,” said Dad. “I’ll be downstairs if you nee—” “I won’t.” Frankie closed his door, not noticing the disappointed look on Dad’s face. And now to complete my masterpiece, Frankie thought. CHAPTER SEVEN Frankie had somehow managed to snap off the nose of his car. Oh well, nothing a little glue couldn’t fix. And some duct tape. And maybe some Spackle. He went downstairs to get the supplies to repair his car. Dad looked up from his bowl of cornflakes. “How’s it coming

a good view. Word had traveled so fast that even the other grades were there to watch. Frankie looked over at Kenny and said, “You think I have a shot at winning this, right?” Kenny whistled a sound like a bomb being dropped. Not good. Frankie and Carter agreed that the corkscrew slide was the best spot to race. They climbed up the ladder together and lined up their cars on the slide’s edge. The crowd fell silent. The race was about to start. Carter had won. Frankie scooped up his jumbled

mess of a race car and shoved it into his backpack. His race car was destroyed. He’d blown his chance to become a Shrew Scout. CHAPTER TEN Frankie was in a total funk. Nothing could cheer him up. Not even being home from school, or Dad’s secret stash of oatmeal-and-chocolate-covered raisin cookies, or a marathon of his favorite TV show, Mega Morphin’ Mutant Monsters. There was no way he’d be able to race in the Pine Run 3000. Maybe he could design a new car. He got out his sketch pad and some

Everybody was applauding. Argyle howled. Kenny whistled the loudest. Dad gave Frankie a little nudge toward the stage and said, “Don’t keep the Grand Possum Pooh-Bah waiting.” CHAPTER SEVENTEEN Frankie slowly made his way to the front of the crowd. It all felt like a dream. Strangers ruffled his hair and patted him on the back and gave him high fives. Even Carter was cheering for him. “Looks like we’re both winners, dude!” said Carter. Standing on the stage next to the Grand Possum Pooh-Bah

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