Front Row: Anna Wintour: What Lies Beneath the Chic Exterior of Vogue's Editor in Chief

Front Row: Anna Wintour: What Lies Beneath the Chic Exterior of Vogue's Editor in Chief

Jerry Oppenheimer

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0312323115

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

She's ambitious, driven, insecure, needy, a perfectionist―and she's considered the most powerful force in the more than $100 billion fashion industry. She's Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, the world's fashion bible. With her signature Louise Brooks bob, trademark sunglasses, and glamorous furs, she's a sexy international diva, gossiped about the world over. As famed designed Oscar de la Renta declares, "She's a star."

How did Wintour, who quit school over the length of her hemline, and who had no real writing or communication skills, rise to the pinnacle of the fashion magazine world? Based on scores of interviews with present and former friends and colleagues, Front Row is the scrupulously researched, often shocking life story of this enigmatic icon―a candid portrait of a fashion-obsessed teenager in Swinging Sixties London who claws her way up the ivory tower in New York. It is also an intimate examination of Wintour's personal passions and needs, her loves lost and won, and her feuds and achievements. Anna Wintour's story is an inside look at one of the world's most influential women as well as the catty, competitive bitch-eat-bitch world of fashion. Meow!

















chief舗s job when Miller stepped down because of the politics and other obligations involved舒she cared only about fashion. The more competitive Tilberis, on the other hand, made her interest known, though she felt she didn舗t have much of a chance because of her lack of experience in production and features. She was married to an artist and had two adopted sons. Neither Coddington nor Tilberis knew that Anna was already the chosen heir to the throne. Miller was disappointed when she heard that

order to see her. Charles [Wintour] always referred to him as a saint, and he was. Never be saintly to a wife that舗s so ambitious. But David admired her. She was just all so terrific within that narrow compass of fashion. One might ask, is it worth feeling like that about a fashion magazine? And who cares, since it舗s just selling advertising, really.舡 (Some time after Anna舗s reign ended at British Vogue, Shulman舗s daughter, Alexandra, became its editor in chief. Beatrix Miller is her quasi

clothes from the designers. Here舗s this young girl going to Milan and Paris, and that could be a bit of a shock for anyone else舒but not to Anna. Nothing fazed her because she was used to going to the best places and meeting top people in her personal life. Nothing would impress, unless it was really good, but I don舗t remember ever seeing her really impressed. She wasn舗t the sort of person who would say, 舖Gosh, that舗s amazing!舗 She was always on one level, but taking everything in.舡 Despite

before the wedding, Anna had asked Lasky out of the blue what her fiancȳ舗s middle name was. She didn舗t explain why, just acted secretive, and Lasky assumed that Anna was going to have something engraved or monogrammed. Weeks after the nuptials, Anna made a surprise visit to the newlyweds in their Manhattan apartment, bearing her wedding gift, albeit a curious one. 舠It was bizarre beyond belief,舡 says Lasky. 舠It was simple engraved stationery. It was brown舡舒like their despised uniforms at North

psychiatrist, he thought more clearly. She spoke to him on the phone all the time. As a psychiatrist he would know how to deal with people.舡 The bottom line, though, was that she found Anna to be 舠an inspiration. I idolized her.舡 Anna liked Blow, Schechter says, 舠because she was a character. Issy was like a wacky, eccentric British bird. She would come to work in the miniest of skirts and fishnet hose that had rips, probably not because she meant it to be that way but because she tripped and

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