Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the Workplace

Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the Workplace

Ron Zemke

Language: English

Pages: 312

ISBN: 0814432336

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This all-new edition of the seminal book on navigating the multigenerational workplace takes a fresh look at a growing challenge, now exacerbated by the youngest employees. With their micromanaged childhoods and tech addictions, Gen Yers require constant feedback--frustrating for the Me Generation that can't let go of the spotlight, and annoying for Gen Xers, sandwiched between the two. So how can you lead this motley group with their often incompatible work ethics, values, and styles? "Generations at Work" lays bare the causes of conflict, and offers practical guidelines for managing the differences, including: - In-depth interviews with members of each generation - Best practices from companies bridging the generation gap - Specific tips for each generation on how to handle the others - A field guide for mentoring GenerationY For anyone struggling to manage a workforce with different ways of working, communicating, and thinking, "Generations at Work" is the answer.




















again. Generation X is no exception—in fact, they may be the poster children for a self-managing workforce. 2. Like everyone else, Generation X employees need constructive feedback to become more effective. Some have even suggested they need it more than other employees. Since Xers yearned for their absentee parents’ attention, positive feedback, sincerely offered, can be the difference between keeping them and losing them to competitors. American Management Association / 116

help you.” So immediately they established this environment where it was okay to ask questions. And they said, ‘Here’s what I can help you with. It’s my job to do that, so please take advantage of it.’ And they didn’t just say it once.” 2. “There were no inside jokes. They had two teachers come in and make a presentation about this tradition they have with teachers and flamingos during homecoming. It was silly and a little cheesy. But I had been wondering what it was all about, and now I

Difference C reate choices. 2. The popularity of Mad Men is a testament to our fascination with corporate environments of the 1950s and 1960s, where everything was predictable and regimented from the executive boardroom to the way secretaries greeted executives in the morning to the standard memo format. The companies profiled here are a far cry from that. Generationally friendly companies allow the workplace to shape itself around the work being done, the customers being served, and the people

leaders on how to communicate more effectively with younger generations. They report that this training has resulted in a reduction of first-year turnover from 50 percent to 30 percent. Volkswagen of America, Inc, in Auburn Hills, Michigan, provides in-house classroom training and use of mentoring programs to ensure that critical skills sets and job knowledge are transferred to employees. Through the national resume database comprised of individuals who have been laid off from other companies,

benefits, child care, elder care, life insurance, paid time off, dependent loan scholarships, dental and vision plans, long-term care insurance, a retiree health plan, retirement planning tools and phased retirement programs. Offer health and wellness programs with options that meet needs of different age groups. Include representatives from all generations on organizational boards and committees. Offer two-way mentoring programs. Young workers give lessons on using web tools like portals, blogs,

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