Gerald Durrell: The Authorised Biography

Gerald Durrell: The Authorised Biography

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responded bleakly to the glad tidings. If it was to be Sierra Leone, she announced, then she was not going. ‘I don’t like West Africa,’ she informed Gerald, ‘either the sticky heat or the tropical forests, and as you know I get exasperated with the Africans. So if you don’t mind, I think I’ll miss this one.’ Gerald had half expected this, but he was still hurt to the core. ‘Sierra Leone was a serious crisis in our marriage,’ Jacquie was to recall. ‘Gerry really didn’t think I’d ever come back to

rather like a lager, and watched in fascination as the Princess plunged her arm into the heart of the sub-tropical shrubbery and brought out an ice-cold bottle from a fridge concealed in a bush. ‘Princess Grace was still frankly rather reluctant to take on animal charity,’ Jacquie recalled, ‘as her main interest lay in human problems. However, after Gerry had given her a basic outline, with additions from Lovejoy and Jeremy, Rainier threw his support behind our request, for he was a very keen

Margaret and his New Yorker friend Trish. The selection was made, and a local schoolteacher by the name of Yousoof Mungroo became Jersey Zoo’s first trainee student. Another aim of this second foray to Mauritius was to try to catch rare boas on Round Island – an enterprise that was not without its adventures. The party were camped under canvas on the island one evening when they were subject to one of the most bizarre manifestations of the natural world Gerald had ever witnessed: As the green

Durrells criss-crossed the length and breadth of the Soviet Union in various directions and by various means (jet plane, river boat, skidoo, dromedary, helicopter, train, swampboat, horse and carriage, jeep and shank’s pony), pitchforked from summer to winter and back again on an itinerary that defied time zones and latitudes, and stood the seasons on their heads. The Darvinsky Reserve had been established on the shores of a huge man-made lake to monitor ecological change and to breed

(five bob each); nine Tortoises (one shilling each); ten rats for two shillings (these are green with bright rufous bottoms and noses); one full-grown Yellow Baboon for two quid; and one Red-eared Monkey for two bob. It was difficult for even Gerald Durrell to relate to some of these species, but one or two particularly took his fancy, none more than the yellow baboon and the red-eared monkey. The Yellow Baboon (whom I have called George) was brought to me all the way from the French Congo

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