Going Home

Going Home

Nicholasa Mohr

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0141306440

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this sequel to Felita, Felita's going to Puerto Rico! It's like a dream to her, although she'll miss her friends. But Felita's summer isn't at all what she expected. Her uncle's small village is boring, and none of the girls wants to be friends with an outsider. Felita desperately wants to go home. But she gradually finds a way to fit in, and by summer's end, Felita knows she will miss her new friends and her homeland.


















village.” “Some village! There ain’t even a movie or a plaza or nothing!” Tito looked disappointed. We drove steadily uphill on a winding road and then Papi slowed down. “Here we are, folks.” He stopped the car in front of a small house that was painted pink with a blue trim. When we got out of the car, a rooster came over and stood across the road, looking at us. “There’s Tio Manuel’s rooster, Yayo. Isn’t he handsome?” said Papi. Yayo was handsome all right. He had a brilliant red comb and

me off. “That’s just like playing follow-the-leader. What’s the big—” “No, it ain‘t,” I said interrupting her right back, “because the leader has to say ‘Simon says do this.’ If they only say ‘Do this’ and you follow orders, you’re out. It’s very tricky.” “It sounds like a stupid game!” said Anita. “Why?” I asked her. “Are you afraid to play it?” Some of the kids began giggling and I could see she was annoyed, so I didn’t let up. “Maybe you’re scared you can’t keep up with a New York City

and a great smile. “See you later, Felita, maybe we can get together later during the carnival today,” he said. “Sure.” Wait till I tell Provi! I thought. Outside I found my folks waiting for me. Uncle Tomás had a camera and began taking pictures of all of us. Lina was jumping up and down like she was on a trampoline or something. “Felita, I love you. You were so good.” “Felita,” said Aunt Julia, “Uncle Mario and the boys couldn’t make it. They had tickets for a big ball game and they took

Juan took away some of the sadness I felt about leaving. There were always a lot of people coming in and out of their house. Lina and Carlito came by, and Aunt Iraida took us to the big shopping malls. Then I went to Aunt Julia’s and swam at the beach. Everyone kept asking me how I liked staying in Tio’s village. I told them all about Provi, about making the scenery for the play, and about my new friends. But I never mentioned the trouble I had. I didn’t want to talk about it because really I

had gotten permission to go over to Gigi’s house after school. Gigi’s mother is the most easygoing mother I know. I am welcome to visit them anytime, just as long as I get Mami’s okay. Gigi’s mother even takes me shopping with them and buys me treats and lunch. I call her by her first name and so does Gigi. Before I used to call her Mrs. Mercado, but last year she insisted I call her Doris. When I had told Mami that, she said she thought it was disrespectful, and that Mrs. Mercado must think she

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