Grammar of Septuagint Greek: With Selected Readings, Vocabularies, and Updated Indexes

Grammar of Septuagint Greek: With Selected Readings, Vocabularies, and Updated Indexes

F. C. Conybeare, St. George Stock

Language: English

Pages: 392


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Originally published in 1905, expanded with index and vocabularies in 1995.

Hendrickson chose a very nice text to update here. Provides a short (100 pages) outline of Septuagint Greek. Bulk of book is annotated readings from the LXX. I will probably be starting this material in 6 to 10 weeks; anyone interested in reading selections with me, feel free to PM.

This looks very promising for anyone who has completed an introductory textbook--especially something like Clayton Croy's Primer of Biblical Greek (which draws readings from LXX and New Testament in exercises for every chapter).


amazon review:
Not only an indispensable reference resource, Grammar of Septuagint Greek is also an ideal reader for anyone wishing to study the Septuagint in the original language. A reprint of the standard Septuagint grammar originally titled Selections from the Septuagint, this invaluable volume includes: an extensive introduction to the origin, inspiration, date, supremacy, and Greek of the Septuagint; the grammar proper with major sections covering accidence and syntax; and extensive selected readings with indepth introductions and full textual and grammatical notes especially helpful for the student of New Testament Greek wishing to develop language skills through reading less familiar texts. Helpful improvements to this new edition include: new, updated indexes of ancient sources and significant Greek words from the readings; a convenient and complete vocabulary with definitions; and an alphabetical list of proper nouns from the readings, with translations.





















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