Great Whiskeys

Great Whiskeys

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The ideal drinking companion for any whiskey lover-generous, knowledgeable, and willing to go anywhere-Great Whiskeys covers every whiskey style, from single malt, blended, and grain, to bourbon, rye, and more. Covering 22 countries of heritage and innovative brands, enthusiasts and converts alike will not find a more comprehensive, accessible, and travel-friendly resource.





















character than the 12-year-old. Instead it has a broader texture and woody flavor. 68 BUSHMILLS Ireland 2 Distillery Road, Bushmills, County Antrim WHISKEYS Old Bushmills has the amazing ability to be all things to all people: a thoroughly modern distillery housed in a beautiful Victorian building; a boutique distillery that nevertheless produces global brands; and a working distillery that welcomes the public. Bushmills produces only malt whiskey, so the grain used in its

the immense Canadian prairies and the fine Rocky Mountain water. Rye is at the heart of many Canadian whiskeys, and is predominant in Alberta. Maturing takes place in first-fill bourbon casks, or even in new white-oak casks. Other brands from Alberta include Tangle Ridge (see p339) and Windsor Canadian (see p374). A GREAT ◀ ALBERTA SPRINGS 10-YEAR-OLD CANADIAN RYE 40% ABV A sweet aroma, with rye bread and black pepper. The taste is very sweet, even somewhat cloying, becoming charred and

blenders on the mainland— represented a major challenge for the island distillery. It survived, and now produces a Highland malt that is highly regarded. H GREAT HIGHLAND PARK 12-YEAR-OLD ▶ SINGLE MALT: ISLANDS 40% ABV This whisky has all-around quality. There are soft heather-honey flavors, some richer spicy notes, and an enveloping wisp of peat smoke that leaves the finish quite dry. HIGHLAND PARK 18-YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT: ISLANDS 43% ABV This is a touch sweeter than the 12-year-old, with notes

ABV Sometimes called the Motorhead malt, after the band who sang Ace of Spades, this is one of the oldest in the Card Series. Bold, rich, and fat, with lots of raisin, some tarry notes, and molasses. The palate is chewy and toffeelike, with some prune and a savory finish. 188 IMPERIAL BLUE India Owner: Pernod Ricard WHISKEYS Imperial Blue is Pernod Ricard’s second bestselling brand in India, at over 3.8 million cases a year. Previously a Seagram’s brand (and still

flavor. BELL’S SPECIAL RESERVE BLEND 40% ABV Special Reserve has smoky hints from the Islay malts, tempered with warm pepper and a rich honey complexity. 41 BEN NEVIS Scotland Lochy Bridge, Fort William WHISKEYS Scotland’s most northerly west coast distillery was founded in 1825 by “Long John” Macdonald, who was the inspiration for the once-popular blend of that name (see p238). Sitting by Loch Linnhe, Fort William, the 19th century distillery even had its own small

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