Happy at Work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful

Happy at Work: 60 Simple Ways to Stay Engaged and Be Successful

Jim Donovan

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 1608682501

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Reap the rewards of a job well — and happily — done

Even in a tight economy, job satisfaction isn’t a luxury; fulfilled, happy employees are productive, innovative, and loyal. And workplace fulfillment spills over into happier families and better communities. Jim Donovan, a small-business owner, consultant, and speaker, has worked with employees and employers for twenty-five years. In that time he has tested and honed these shift-producing strategies on everything from managing time, making decisions, and marking milestones to breaking patterns, bouncing back, and becoming exceptional. Each tip’s method and rationale are clearly explained. Real workplace vignettes demonstrate the benefits and results that can be gleaned from simple shifts and actions. These tools will empower you with the knowledge that no matter the circumstance, you can think, act, and feel in ways that create purpose, success, and, yes, happiness.





















adventure and there is an opportunity for someone to go to a distant land and open a new office, she’ll be your ideal choice. On the other hand, if her number one value is family, she ’s not going to be suited for this assignment, unless her family can travel too. align with your values  Whether or not you manage other people, it is a good idea to invest time in uncovering your own values, since they will determine your level of happiness. One of the reasons that so many people are unhappy

a job to do and are expected to do it. You have to find a way to get along, or the tension may become a detriment to the entire organization. A concept I learned many years ago is “principles before personalities.” I learned this in a recovery program, a situation in which someone I did not particularly like might just be the person to say something that could save my life. In the context of your work environment the idea still holds true. While what a coworker says or does may not be lifesaving,

grateful for. Many people were not so fortunate. Considering how many people are unemployed at any given time, the fact you have a job is something else to be grateful for. If you are fortunate to be living in a free country where you can choose your job and your lifestyle, that is another reason to give thanks, not to mention all the things most of us take for granted, such as our sight, our hearing, and our physical abilities. The fastest way I know to feel better in any situation is to focus

I add more value to my customers.” Use this or something similar as your personal mantra, and watch your sales improve. If you’re experiencing financial challenges, try this affirmation from my colleague David Neagle: “I always have more than enough money.” I like this one a lot because it is clear and clean. It doesn’t have any negative association or fixed number attached to it, while at the  happy @ work same time it affirms that you always have more than enough, which is just fine with

conveys my gratitude for what I am receiving. If you want to attract more good into your life, cultivate a sense of gratitude for all that you already have, however small it may be. We will delve further into the power of gratitude in chapter 50. become a goal setter  9. A Don’t Let Your Goals Scare You re you playing too small? It’s fascinating to me that so many sales organization managers complain that their employees typically reach the quotas set by management, or perhaps even fall a

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