Hero of Hawaii (Calvin Coconut, Book 5)

Hero of Hawaii (Calvin Coconut, Book 5)

Graham Salisbury

Language: English

Pages: 41


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hawaii boy Calvin Coconut has come up with the best idea ever for his sister Darci's birthday party. But a huge tropical storm hits the islands and threatens everything. It rains and rains. And rains.

The river next to Calvin's house rises high. When Calvin's friend Willy falls into the raging water, Calvin grabs his skiff to save him. As Willy is swept into the bay, Calvin struggles in the wild waves. What happens next shows Calvin what heroes are made of.

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last few yards. “You two all right?” “Yeah.” I gulped a breath. “But Willy … almost drowned.” “I’m … so … tired,” Willy mumbled. Clarence looked into the skiff, then back at the beach. He waved to the people onshore, gave them a thumbs-up. “Listen,” he said. “We going put your friend inside with the dog, then we pull the boat to that small island. Can you do that? You still strong?” “Think so.” “We go.” Together, Clarence and I pushed Willy up into the skiff. Clarence got the oar that was

What I’d gotten Darci at the Byodo-In Temple was good, and she’d love it … but it wasn’t the perfect present. I needed time to find something that really meant something. “I’ll give you my present next week at your party,” I said. Darci put the bracelet on and showed it to Ledward, who nodded. “That looks good on you.” Oh! I thought. Yes! An idea was coming to me. I jiggled my leg. Yes! Yes! If I could pull this off… I couldn’t sit at that table a second longer. I went into the kitchen

didn’t care. It was like having a little brother. After around nine thousand times down the slide, Mom came over and put her hand on my shoulder. “We’re going to have ice cream and cupcakes soon, and Darci’s going to open her presents. Did you get something for her?” “Yup.” Mom raised one eyebrow. “What is it?” “It’s good, Mom. You’ll see.” Mom, Ledward, Stella, and I watched as Darci opened her presents, surrounded by her friends. So far, she’d gotten a gift card for pizza; a T-shirt

“Thought I’d come tie down that ramp and get all that tarp up and into the garage. It could get windy.” Darci’s careful plans were crumbling like sand in the surf. Two friends had already called saying they couldn’t come because their parents were worried. But the storm wasn’t here yet. Mom hugged Darci close. “We still have today, Darce,” I said. “At least we can do that.” Today Stella and her big scary-looking twelfth-grade boyfriend, Clarence, were taking me and Darci to the Byodo-In

Lightning blinked in the black sky, followed by huge blasts of thunder that exploded overhead. “Holy smokes!” I shouted. Darci gripped my arm. I leaned closer to Clarence in the front seat. “Have you ever seen it like this before?” “Nope.” “You really think it will flood?” “Prob’ly.” I sat back. Cool. The first thing I checked when we got home was the river. It still looked the same. My skiff sat in the long swamp grass just above the waterline. Probably I should haul it higher up, I

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