Hollywood Studios (CA) (Postcard History Series)

Hollywood Studios (CA) (Postcard History Series)

Tommy Dangcil

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0738547085

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Just after the turn of the 20th century, the motion picture industry moved to the West Coast, and the largest land of make-believe was created in Hollywood, California. From the silent-era beginnings of primitive, open-air stages to the fabled back lots of the studios' heyday, Hollywood Studios presents a bygone era of magical moviemaking in rare postcards. Assembled from the author's private collection, these images from the Chaplin Studios to Metro-Goldwyn Mayer depict an insider's look back at the dream factories known as the Hollywood studios.












CITY. Looking west from the circular driveway to the Ince Studio Administration Building in the late 1910s, note the railing in the middle of the card used to tie up a horse if one came riding up to the studio. This card, mailed on August 20, 1923, to Kaysville, Utah, reads in part, “Seen a number of pictures staged in front of building.” INCE STUDIOS, WASHINGTON BOULEVARD. It has been said that Thomas Ince conceived the idea of using glass stages to take advantage of the sunlight, and, as he

Charlie Chaplin built his studio with a glass stage that had about 10,000 square feet. Adjacent to the stage was a scenery storage room, a property room, a production office, and a dining room. The Tudor facade housed dressing rooms, a projection room, general offices, bathrooms, and production office space. (Published by California Postcard Company.) MORE ON THE GLASS STAGE. By 1937, the Charlie Chaplin Studios had modified the glass stage, rebuilt it for sound, and included an arbor system for

world. THE ROADS TO SHOW BUSINESS. A view of the road to the back lot can be seen in the upper image of this card. The bottom image is one of the entrances located on Laemmle Boulevard (now Lankershim Boulevard) in 1915. ANY NATION, ANYTIME. In the back lot at Universal, any country can be re-created with a little imagination. On the African veldt or in the city of all nations and climates on a nondescript street, Universal continues to be a place of suspended disbelief and fantasy. COWBOYS

of this building that Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn met for the first time. (Published by Artco.) AERIAL VIEW, MAIN LOT. Here is an aerial view of the MGM Lot No. 1 looking west from this mailed card in 1941. Lot No. 2, on the west side of Overland, is at the top of the card. MGM had seven lots, and everything from a jungle lagoon to a New York street was available for any filmmakers’ imagination. (Published by the Culver City Chamber of Commerce.) Four FOX FOX FILM CORPORATION. William

administration building. In 1937, the Mill was built to store sets and walls and the property building was completed. By this time, the studio had 25 stages available for motion picture production. ADMINISTRATION BUILDING. The Administration Building was one of the original structures completed on the lot in 1926. This view looks south from the front entrance along the circular driveway. VILLAGE SET, BACK LOT. Tours of movie studios began once motion pictures started, but it was not until

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