How the Turtle Got Its Shell

How the Turtle Got Its Shell

Justine Fontes

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0307960072

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Delightful retellings of turtle tales from around the world, plus fun facts about turtles, are sure to please all turtle fans.

















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believe the world rested on the back of a giant turtle! One story from China says the universe is a turtle—and the starry sky is on the inside of its enormous shell! But now it is time to hear some stories that explain how the shell came to be. Our first tale is from the Algonquian Native Americans. A long time ago, a handsome, clever god named Glooskap visited his uncle. Uncle was very kind but lonely. He couldn’t find anyone to marry him. Glooskap decided to help him. He said,

“Wear my clothes to the dance tonight and you will be as handsome as I am.” Uncle did as Glooskap suggested and, sure enough, the chief’s most beautiful daughter fell instantly in love with him. This made all the other men very angry! They got even angrier when Uncle and the chief’s daughter got married! Glooskap knew trouble was brewing. “The men will try to get revenge tomorrow,” he warned Uncle after the wedding. “But you can escape by jumping over the lodge. You will jump once, then

twice, but the third time will be hard for you. Yet this must be.” The next day, Uncle looked up at the tall lodge with its smoking chimney. How could he possibly jump over it? Yet, when the men approached him, Uncle magically jumped over the lodge. Then he jumped over it again. But the third time… Uncle got stuck on the poles of the chimney. Ouch! They were hot! Thanks to Glooskap, Uncle survived. His back became a hard shell with smoky marks. Uncle was now a turtle! But Uncle was

There are about 220 different kinds of turtles. They fall into three main groups: Tortoises, which live on land, have heavy, domed shells, thick scaly legs, and toes with claws. They live in warm regions throughout the world. Marine turtles, which live in the salt water of oceans and seas, have light, flat shells and flippers instead of feet. The flippers help them swim fast. Freshwater turtles have a leathery covering on their shell. They eat fish, snails, and other animals. TURTLE

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