How the Zebra Got Its Stripes (Little Golden Book)

How the Zebra Got Its Stripes (Little Golden Book)

Justine Fontes

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0307988708

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As a group of African animals hang out at the local watering hole, they share funny stories about how the zebra got its stripes. At the end of the book, fun facts explain why zebras really have stripes. For any child intrigued by zebras, this colorful, informative book is a must!




















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Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2001090911 ISBN: 978-0-307-98870-6 eBook ISBN: 978-0-385-37487-3 v3.1 Copyright Title Page First Page “Greetings, nature lovers! I’m Professor Linus Pinstripe on the trail of a mystery: How did the zebra get its stripes? “I’m here at a local watering hole on the plains of Africa with some talkative creatures that say they know the answer. Please tell us what you know, Giraffe.” “Long ago,” said Giraffe, “there were two kinds of

zebras—the all-white kind and the all-black kind. The Black zebras could hide in the shadows when the lions came around. But the black zebras roasted in the hot sun. The white zebras felt cool, but they stood out like targets for the hungry lions.” “The zebras went to Wise Baboon for help. He gave the white zebras black paint. And he gave the black zebras white paint. Then the zebras went off to paint themselves. “Now the once-black zebras felt cool, but they were targets for lions. And the

STRIPES No one really knows how the zebra got its stripes—or why! The stripes probably help the zebra hide. Like a giraffe’s spots or a soldier’s camouflaged uniform, the zebra’s stripes blur the shape of its body. ARE YOU THERE, OR ARE YOU AIR? Zebras are easy to see up close, of course. But when a lion or a leopard sees a zebra from far away, in the early morning or early evening light, the zebra’s stripes look like wavy lines. These lines look like heat rising from the ground instead

of a zebra. CONFUSING MOVES The zebra’s stripes also help confuse a lion when it’s choosing a zebra for dinner. As the lion moves in for the attack, a group of zebras rushes toward the lion. Suddenly, all the lion sees are stripes, not the zebra it wanted! NO TWO ALIKE! There may be another reason for the zebra’s stripes: to allow zebras to recognize one another in large herds. Each zebra’s striped pattern is as one-of-a-kind as a fingerprint!

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