Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2014

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2014

Hugh Johnson

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 1845337441

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is the bestselling wine guide on the market.

The original and best, Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book is the ultimate compact guide. Now in its 37th edition, it is the UK's number one wine book for wine-lovers and professionals. It is the key reference for enthusiasts, investors and collectors and this year's edition boasts up-to-date news on more than 6,000 wines, growers and regions, plus invaluable vintage information from experts around the world.

A new color supplement focuses on the wines of Burgundy, while the 'If you like this, try this' section offers the reader alternative wines to try based on those they already drink. More than 200 of Johnson's favorites for 2014 are also included.

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similar to but milder than CHARD. Light, fresh, fruity, not aromatic, to drink young. Gd for Italian spumante; potentially excellent in northeast, esp high sites in Alto Adige. Widely grown. Weissburgunder in Germany and best in south: often racier than Chard. Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio, Grauburgunder, Ruländer, Sivi Pinot, Szürkebarát) [Pinot Gr] Light and fashionable as Pinot Grigio in northern Italy, even for rosé, but top, characterful versions can be excellent (from Alto Adige, Friuli). Cheap

Terra Alta, YECLA. South African winemaker Bruce Jack and British MW Ed Adams. Benjamin Romeo Rio r w ★★→★★★★ Formerly of ARTADI, Romeo is a new-wave star, making wines with precise expression of bush-vines. Gd white blend Predicador; rich, top white Que Bonito Cacareaba; well-priced DYA red, Predicador. Flagship red Contador; “super-second” La Cueva del Contador. V. concentrated parcel, La Viña de Andrés Romeo. Beronia Rio r p w ★★ A transformation. Owner GONZÁLEZ BYASS invested in oak and

to be freer of inflexible regulation and use the varieties they want. Yecla Mur r (p) w ★→★★ Something stirs in Yecla. Only 11 producers, but a real focus on reviving MONASTRELL, esp CASTAÑO. PORTUGAL Recent vintages 2012 Low yields; drought year. Concentrated wines, though mild summer delayed vintage, contributing to balance, especially for whites. 2011 Good balance, especially in Vinho Verde and Lisboa. 2010 Good quality and quantity all round. Bairrada had another excellent year.

Grial is rich, herbal flagship wine (the Res is also gd). Aquitania, Viña Mai ★★★ Chilean/French joint venture: excellent Sol de Sol CHARD, PINOT N (The Malleco); aged Lazuli CAB SAUV from Quebrada de Macul. Arboleda, Viña Aco, Casa, Ley ★★→★★★ Part of the ERRÁZURIZ/CALITERRA stable, with whites from Leyda and CASABLANCA. Also try the youngest SAUV BL and reds (CAB SAUV, SYRAH, MERLOT) from Aconcagua, incl excellent CARMENÈRE. Aristos Cach, Mai ★★→★★★ Terroir specialist Pedro Parra

of v. best white GRAVES for long, succulent maturing. Great consistency. Mainly SÉM. Second wine: La Clarté de Haut-Brion (formerly Les Plantiers); also incl wine from HAUT-BRION. Léoville-Barton St-Jul r ★★★★ 88’ 89’ 90’ 94’ 95’ 96’ 98 99 00’ 01 02 03’ 04 05’ 06 07 08’ 09’ 10’ 11 12 Second Growth with the longest-standing family ownership; in Anglo-Irish hands of the Bartons for over 180 yrs (Anthony Barton is present incumbent, assisted by daughter Lilian). Smallest of the three Léovilles;

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