I Am Helen Keller (I Am, Book 3)

I Am Helen Keller (I Am, Book 3)

Grace Norwich, Mark Elliot

Language: English

Pages: 26

ISBN: 2:00257230

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Age range: 8 - 10 Years


A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today.

I am two years old when I become deaf and blind. I live in a world of darkness. I am finally able to read and write with the help of my teacher Annie Sullivan. I am Helen Keller.

Learn all about this remarkable young woman, whose accomplishments are truly inspiring, in the continuation of Scholastic's latest biography series: I AM. This book will feature illustrations throughout, a timeline, an introduction to the people you'll meet in the book, maps, sidebars, and a top ten list of important things to know about Helen Keller.












passes away. June 1, 1968 Helen passes away in her sleep. Helen Keller came into the world on June 27, 1880, like anybody else. She was the first daughter of proud parents Kate and Arthur Keller. Everyone called Helen’s father Captain because he had fought in the Confederate army during the Civil War. A quiet and serious man, Captain did lots of different things, including training as a lawyer, planting cotton, and editing a newspaper called the North Alabamian. John Adams Helen’s mom,

It was going to take a lot of work to teach Helen how to communicate, but she would never succeed if she didn’t first deal with her student’s bad behavior. Annie got a taste of Helen’s temper from the first moment they met. After Helen touched the face and dress of this new person, she found the stranger’s bag and tried to open it in search of treats. Except Annie’s bag was locked. Helen made the motion of turning a key, but Annie took the bag away. That sent Helen into a rage where she kicked

a lot of folks when I smiled at them as they walked into the room. But of course, it’s no miracle that I could recognize people I had met before. I smelled and felt their presence a mile away. Still, many acted like those abilities were gifts God gave me for being an angel. Believe me, I was no angel. I had a terrible temper at times and was known for being very stubborn. Plus, I spent a lot of money on fancy clothes and fancy dogs. What angel does that? It actually hurt my feelings when others

that Annie decided she and Helen would move into. First they changed around the furniture, so Helen wouldn’t recognize it. Then Captain drove the teacher and his daughter around in circles before arriving at the cottage, so it seemed like they had traveled some distance. It took two long weeks, during which the Kellers could hear the horrible sounds of their daughter screaming and objects breaking, but Annie finally got through to Helen. “My heart is singing for joy this morning. A miracle has

who became Helen’s lifelong trusted companion. Annie turned out to be the one who needed Polly’s help. Her health continued to go downhill until the summer of 1916, when Annie’s doctor said her only chance for surviving was to go to a special clinic in Lake Placid, New York. Polly went along to help aid in Annie’s recovery. It was never easy for Helen to be separated from her dear Annie. The two were as close as could be. But this time, she had someone else to keep her from feeling lonely.

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