Incredible Incas Activity Book (Horrible Histories)

Incredible Incas Activity Book (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0439959071

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Terry Deary's foul facts and Martin Brown's crafty cartoons combine to bring all those cunning conquistadors and terrific temples to life. With an Incan initiation game to play and a push-out lofty lord to dress.














the imagination of the archaeologist? Grave robbers The child sacrifices were buried with a small supply of food, so they’d have something to eat on the journey to the next world. They were also buried with sea shells and gold figures of men, women and llamas. The Spanish conquered Tahuantinsuyu in order to steal Incan gold, and treasure-hunters still wreck old graves to steal the golden images. They don’t care about the history they are destroying and they certainly don’t have any respect for

(And a fat lot of good it did them.) All because of a dead bird, a few earthquakes and a ring round the moon. Fossil fuel Who was the most important member of an Incan family? Dad? No. Mum? No. Mummy? Yes! The ancient founder of a family – like your great-great … grandad – would have been turned into a mummy and was the family’s most valuable member. In fact if another family kidnapped your mummy it could be held to ransom! The Spanish arrived and were shocked at the way the Incas worshipped

Of course you couldn’t really drink chicha from your teacher’s skull because chicha is beer. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble for under-age drinking, would you? Probably best if you just drink cocoa from the teacher’s skull and stay out of trouble. (And no playing those bone flutes and skin drums when people are trying to get to sleep!) Brotherly love Pachacuti’s warriors seemed unbeatable. The trouble was that Pach’s younger brother, Capac Yupanqui, was having a great time invading

something like this… 1 Babies (in arms) and 2 Infants (up to one year): In the care of their parents. 3 Children (aged 1–9): Children aged 1–5 may play. Children aged 5–9 must help parents in small tasks. Girls must help mind the babies, cart water and animal feed, weed, and help the women make beer. At age 5 girls must start to learn how to weave. Girls planning to be servants will be sent away to be trained. 4 Youths (aged 9–16): Boys to be trained as llamamechecs (llama herders of the llama

leaders. Then they set off on a great journey through the Andes… Incan legends say Manco was the first of eight Lords of Cuzco – their valley in the Andes. No one is sure how true the stories about the eight lords are. The important thing is that most Incas believed these stories. Lord number 2: Super Sinchi Another story says that when Manco Capac died there were lots of his children who could have taken his place. The people all wanted Sinchi Roca… but Sinchi was NOT expected to take the

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