Irresistible Forces (Danielle Steel)

Irresistible Forces (Danielle Steel)

Danielle Steel

Language: English

Pages: 0

ISBN: 0553479350

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Performance by Kyf Brewer
4 Cassettes, 6 hours

For fourteen years, Steve and Meredith Whitman have sustained a marriage of passion and friendship-despite the demands of two all-consuming careers.  Meredith, an investment banker, has achieved partnership in one of Wall Street's top firms.  Steve, a gifted physician, chose an urban trauma ward over the big money he could have earned elsewhere.  The only thing missing in their lives is children.  Steve longs for them.  But Meredith keeps putting motherhood off, saying she isn't ready and doesn't have time.  Not yet.  Especially now that she has been offered an extraordinary opportunity, a chance to reach for the brass-ring in San Francisco, three thousand miles away.  Meredith is thrilled and surprised when Steve urges her to accept a top position at an exciting young high-tech company.  Traditionally, men's careers force families to move to new cities, compelling their wives to abandon their friends, homes, and lives to follow.  But Steve is more than willing to uproot himself, saying he'll join her as soon as he can find a new job himself.  Perhaps in California, he hopes, they can begin their family at last.

Neither Steve nor Meredith had reckoned on the frustrations of a bi-coastal marriage, as Steve's job keeps him in New York for months longer than planned.  Weekends together, their lifeline, fall prey to their hectic schedules.  Alone in San Francisco, Meredith is spending long hours at the office with her boss, charismatic entrepreneur Callan Dow.  Steve is working late shifts at the hospital, grabbing an occasional dinner with a new colleague, a doctor raising a daughter on her own.  Almost unnoticed, Steve and Meredith have begun living separate lives in increasingly separate worlds.  And despite the best of intentions, irresistible forces begin to tear their lives and hearts apart.

With unerring insight Danielle Steel explores what happens when lives that fit together like delicately balanced puzzles are shifted, changed, and drift apart.  Only time can tell who and what they will become as life sweeps them onward and deposits them on new, sometimes frightening, and often exciting shores.  Who survives, how well they survive, and if love survives, is at the core of Irresistible Forces.



















was almost incoherent. “So am I.” He kissed her one last time, picked up his bag, and hurried down the stairs to the cab. And as she watched from the window, he waved, and then was gone, as she stood staring in disbelief. Fifteen years of her life were over. And she had no one now. Not Steve. Not Cal. No one. Just herself to rely on. Steve had walked off to a new life. And as she stood there, looking out the window, she felt as though she had nothing. Chapter 20 MEREDITH STAYED HOME from

exactly what I’m doing for you, organizing syndicates, writing red herrings with the legal staff, and taking clients on road shows. Just how much time do you think I’d have for my children?” “As much as you wanted to. Your clients are no substitute for a baby in your arms, Meredith. We all come and go, a child is forever. But maybe your marriage isn’t.” At a glance, he saw then that he’d offended her, and with a kindly look, he changed the subject. And for the next two hours they talked about

been as impressed in years. If I’d known you’d even consider it, I’d have kissed Charlie when he resigned. This is the biggest favor anyone’s ever done me.” “Well, don’t get too excited. Let’s talk first.” “We’ll do lots of that, I promise. Ask me anything you want to know when you get here, Merrie. I have no secrets from you.” She loved that about him. He was an honest man, with integrity and a brilliant mind. It was a terrific combination, and she already knew they worked well together. But

wanted now was to see her. “Can I come over?” he asked, and she wanted to tell him he couldn’t, but she felt the same pull toward him she always did. It was driven more by chemistry than by reason. “I’m a mess,” she warned. “This has been the worst weekend of my life.” “Mine too. Let’s try and get over it together.” She had no idea what she was going to do when she saw him again, or how she’d feel when she did. But the moment she opened the door to him, she knew. She fell into his arms and

celebrate. It didn’t feel like a celebration to either of them, but it was an important decision. He went to the hospital in the city on Saturday, and when he left, she called Cal. “I have to see you,” she said and wouldn’t explain. She met him at his house ten minutes later. “What’s wrong?” He looked worried, with good reason. And she was quick and to the point when she told him. “Steve’s moving out in two weeks. He took a job at a small hospital, in an emergency room. He thinks that if he

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