It's the Customer, Stupid!: 34 Wake-up Calls to Help You Stay Client-Focused

It's the Customer, Stupid!: 34 Wake-up Calls to Help You Stay Client-Focused

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Ruthlessly focus on what's convenient for customers, not what's convenient for you

Ninety percent of dissatisfied clients will take their business elsewhere and never tell you why. However, ninety-five percent will become loyal customers again if their needs and problems are addressed and remedied.

Speaker and salesperson Michael Aun shares these secrets and many more in It's the Customer, Stupid!, a guide to growing any business by gaining new customers, and, more importantly, by keeping the ones you have happy and coming back for more. This fun-to-read book explains common myths about sales and customer satisfaction, starting with the fact that most businesses think they're customer-centric, but they just aren't.

  • Get proven steps to REALLY put your customer at the center of what you do
  • Distinguish your business from the competition by understanding the principle that good sales ARE good service
  • Author received the Toastmasters "World Championship of Public Speaking" award and is also a full-time businessman practicing what he preaches daily

It's the Customer, Stupid! reveals key actions that will shake up your business approach. Your customers will love you for them, and you'll love the effect on sales!











marketing group might be built around the acrostic S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Confidence on the platform comes from knowing your subject matter, and you can stay on track with an acrostic. (It also gives your audience a hint when you’re going to be through, if you’re bombing!) You must be confident without being cocky. One of the biggest problems with most speakers is that they lack humility. You must be impeccable in your appearance, both physically and mentally. We advise our clients always to dress for

equipped intellectually, then every step of that process—from getting them into the right curriculum to paying for it—should be addressed. This is how you protect your existing investment and innovate for the future, and always be thinking like “Minnesota Fats.” Takeaway Servicing and Selling Tactics 1. Discover who the real customer is. 2. Investigate what their real needs are, and then find out how to fill them. 3. Try to anticipate future issues and problems, and “solve” them before they

can’t give away that which they don’t own. 3. Define and envision what success means to the customer so that they will come away from their relationship with you and your company as YOUR advocate. CHAPTER 24 Customer-Driven Leadership Is About Advocacy and Mentoring Great customer-driven leadership is about advocacy, caring, and loving the customer. While traveling in Europe in April 1986, my wife and I found ourselves right in the middle of the conflict between the United States and

personal goals and business principles. They know where they’re headed in life; and more often than not, that direction is clearly marked in a written format that includes several key ingredients. First, they know how they want to feel after the game is over. They have the capacity to imagine themselves in “victory lane.” Second, they’ve specifically defined their objectives. If they wish to lose weight, for example, they know specifically how much they want to knock off and how they’re going to

speeches for a company called New United Motors (NUMMI), a cross between Toyota and Chevrolet. The two companies came together to produce an automobile they called the Geo Prism. The most pioneering aspect of this partnership is that Geo was built under a Japanese (Toyota) management system with an American (Chevrolet) workforce. Though this looked on the surface like a potentially ill-fated combination, it actually became the key to their success. NUMMI did a very novel thing: They gathered

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