Judy Moody, Girl Detective

Judy Moody, Girl Detective

Megan McDonald

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0763643491

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It’s an honest-to-jeepers mystery! Agent Judy Drewdy sets out to solve the case of the missing puppy when a canine-cop-in-training vanishes into thin air.

Judy Moody is in a mood. A sleuthing, Nancy Drew kind of mood. So what’s a WBMS (world’s best mystery solver) to do? Go find a mystery, that’s what! And she doesn’t have to snoop for long: when Mr. Chips, a beloved crime-dog-in-training, goes missing, Judy Drewdy and her chums, agents Dills Pickle (Frank), Spuds Houdini (Rocky), and James Madagascar (Stink) find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a reallife, scare-your-pants-off whodunit. Was Mr. Chips stolen by dirty dognappers? And why are chocolate-chip cookies disappearing all over town? Watch out for red herrings—along with clever references to classic Nancy Drew mysteries—as Eagle Eye Moody and company are hot on the case!

From the Hardcover edition.

















on the bus went round and round. Judy’s detective heart went pound, pound, pound. What if Mr. Chips was never, ever, ever found? “I’ll find you, Mr. Chips. Don’t you worry,” she whispered to nobody but herself and the universe. After school, Judy was sitting on her bed, chewing a pencil, trying to think of a plan. A green van plan. All of a sudden, she heard strange sounds coming from the bathroom. Splishing sounds. Splashing sounds. Flushing sounds. Gushing sounds. Was Stink giving Astro,

wait for Mr. Chips. You take Frank’s walkie-talkie and hide in the bushes out front. If you see the green van, call us and say ‘Chips ahoy!’ That’s the secret code.” “Cool beans,” said Stink. “Wait a sec. No fair. How come you guys get to be in the tent with cookies, and I have to be in the bushes all by myself without cookies?” Judy held up the other walkie-talkie. “You can talkie to us any time you feel lonely.” Stink grabbed two cookies. “Hey!” Judy barked. “Give those back.” “Rule Number

a good boy? You are. Oh, yes, you are!” Mr. Chips rolled over, paws in the air. They tickled his tummy. “Chips ahoy! Chips ahoy!” Stink was still yelling. “Come in, breaker. Do you read?” Finally, he came rushing into the tent, where the little brown furball was licking Judy, Rocky, and Frank from head to toe. “Told you!” Stink cried. “Where’d you go, boy?” Rocky asked in between doggy kisses. “I wish you could tell us where you’ve been.” “You’re safe from the bad guys now, Mr. Chips,” said

the green van?” “Yeah, we were onto them the day Mr. Chips stole the dog bone from Speedy Market,” said Frank. “At first, we thought they were dognappers,” said Judy. “Yeah, like they took Mr. Chips for reward money,” Stink added. “Then a Nancy Drew lightbulb went off in my head, and we followed a ton of clues all over town and figured out that they’ve been training Mr. Chips to steal stuff. They’re teaching him by making him sniff out chocolate-chip cookies.” “First it’s cookies, then

way to the front. Officer Kopp came to the door in his blue jeans and sock feet. He was holding his phone in one hand and a stack of flyers in the other. Judy started her speech. “Hi, we’re from Virginia Dare School —” “These aren’t bug pins,” Stink interrupted. “They’re badges.” Judy turned on Stink and gave him her best Hercules-beetle stare. “We heard about Mr. Chips and we’re detectives and —” “Detectives, huh?” said Officer Kopp. “Where’s your uniform?” Frank asked, staring at Officer

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