Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha! (Junie B. Jones, No. 26)

Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha! (Junie B. Jones, No. 26)

Barbara Park

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0375834044

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Barbara Park’s New York Times bestselling chapter book series, Junie B. Jones, is a classroom favorite and has been keeping kids laughing—and reading—for more than twenty years. Over 60 million copies in print and now with a bright new look for a new generation!
Meet the World’s Funniest First Grader—Junie B. Jones! Junie B. and her family are going on a vacation to Hawaii! And ha! Mr. Scary is giving Junie a real, actual camera to keep a photo journal of her trip! But taking good vacation pictures is not always easy. ’Cause what if there is an unfortunate inner tube incident at the swimming pool? (And, oh my! Let’s not even mention what happens if a tropical bird gets tangled in your hair!) Will Junie B.’s vacation end up picture-perfect? Or will her trip to Hawaii be aloha-horrible?
USA Today:
“Junie B. is the darling of the young-reader set.”
Publishers Weekly:
“Park convinces beginning readers that Junie B.—and reading—are lots of fun.”
Kirkus Reviews:
“Junie’s swarms of young fans will continue to delight in her unique take on the world. . . . A hilarious, first-rate read-aloud.”
“Junie B. Jones is a feisty six-year-old with an endearing penchant for honesty.”















Then finally, finally, finally … they started to finish! And at last! IT WAS TIME FOR SHOW-AND-TELL! My legs sprang up. And they ran me to the front of the room. Then I flinged myself in the air again. And I shouted, “VACATION! VACATION! I'M GOING ON A VACATION!” Only too bad for me. ’Cause when I came down from my fling, I lost my balance. And I landed on the floor again. This time, Room One laughed their heads off. I tapped my fingers real annoyed. “Okay … I've really got to knock off

I had a picture of this. A picture of this would be one in a million.” That's when it hit me! I did a gasp. “Donald … I have a camera,” I said. I pointed to my backpack lying on the trail. “It's right in there.” Mother covered her mouth. “Oh my gosh. I completely forgot about that,” she said. Then she bent down real slow. And she got the camera from my backpack. And— Click-click. She took a picture! I kept on staying still. I felt Donald pick up the bird real gentle. And he untangled

the “get your boarding passes here” line. After that, there was just one more line to go. It is called the “now we're going to look through all of your stuff with our X-ray vision” line. That line is exactly like the lines at Disneyland, except for it's longer. Plus there's no actual ride at the end. While I waited, I unzipped my backpack. And I checked on my toys. Philip Johnny Bob made grumpy elephant eyes at me. Delores keeps poking me. Tell her to stop poking me, he grouched. He turned

silent. Then a few of them said aloha back at him … only way quieter. The man laughed. “Oh, come on. You can do better than that!” “ALOOOOHAAAA!” he hollered again. And so this time more people said it. But they still weren't loud enough for him, I guess. Because we went through that same nonsense five more times. I tapped on Mother. “This guy is getting on my nerves,” I said. “Shh,” she said back. I looked at Squeezer. “Being shushed is getting on my nerves, too,” I said. The man kept

their necks to look at me. “Junie B.! What on earth has gotten into you today?” asked Mother. I slumped way down. “Sorry, Mother. Sorry. But I've got stress in my head. ’Cause I really need an exciting picture for my photo journal. Only what kind of exciting picture can you get on a stupid dumb nature walk with old people?” I stopped and looked over the seat. “No offense, Harold,” I said. “None taken,” he said back. “It's just that I'm running out of time,” I explained. “Aren't we all,”

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