Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest

Magnus Fin and the Ocean Quest

Janis MacKay

Language: English

Pages: 103

ISBN: 0863157025

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

There has always been something unusual about Magnus Fin, a school misfit. On his eleventh birthday Magnus throws a message in a bottle out to sea, wishing for a best friend and to be more brave - and he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Magnus discovers that he is half selkie - part seal, part human - and his selkie family urgently need his help. Can Magnus save his new-found family from the evil force threatening all the ocean's creatures? And will he find the friend he has always dreamed of? The winner of the Kelpies Prize 2009.

Age Level: 8 and up | Grade Level: 3 and up













make a plate. When he had something that vaguely resembled a round shape he would put a biscuit on the patchwork plate and pretend he was dining on the Titanic. Then, when the ship struck an iceberg and started to sink, it would be Magnus Fin who ran about rescuing everyone – but he had to do it quietly because he didn’t want to wake his parents. Then he’d be hailed a hero and have his picture on the front page of the local newspaper and everyone at school would want his autograph. Magnus Fin

the dry world: that world up there, where you have great buildings, huge palaces, cars, aeroplanes, everything! Heh! I’m a genius. I’ve worked it out. I might not have stupid little hands but I have a brain. You thought you’d keep it from me. You didn’t know I was so clever, eh?” The tentacles swished through the water. Magnus Fin squirmed in his seat and felt sick. “I’ll take your eyes,” hissed the monster. Coming so menacingly close, the boy could smell greed in his stinking hot breath. “Being

his face turning red. Some of the children in his class giggled. “Being late is bad enough,” the teacher went on, “and telling lies is even worse. The cupboard needs tidying and you, Mr Magnus Fin, can do it. You can stay back after school today and help me. Right, class, let’s get on. Now, P6 – what do you know about Mexico?” Chapter Four “So, Magnus Fin, what’s so fascinating about the beach first thing in the morning?” the teacher asked that day after school when the other pupils had

you want it out?” “Oh, no! Don’t touch it,” she shouted. “Anyway, I think we’ve done enough for one day. Yes, your dad is right of course. We are all different. Now that we’re talking about being different, Magnus, I can’t help wondering about your eyes – if you don’t mind me asking. Do they run in your family? Have the doctors ever said anything about them?” Magnus Fin imagined a line of doctors in white coats giving clever speeches about people. As far as he was aware no doctor had ever said

had flung out to sea. He knew something good was coming. This was it – Tarkin! Tarkin was tall with blond hair down past his shoulders, which he wore in a ponytail. He had two earrings hooped in his left earlobe and stick-on tattoos all up his arms. He wore a shark’s tooth round his neck and kept a photograph of his first dog in his school bag. He took it out to show Magnus. “Samson,” said Tarkin sadly, “an Akita and the best friend ever. Got knocked down by a bus in New York. Gone now.”

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