Malt Whisky Companion

Malt Whisky Companion

Michael Jackson

Language: English

Pages: 448

ISBN: 1405302348

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Do you know your Mortlach from your Miltonduff? A Glenfiddich from a Glenlugie? Find out the differences in Michael Jackson's new edition of his celebrated guide to single malts. This is an essential read for the whisky connoisseur.

















Mitchell, Matthew Mitchell, Shuna Mitchell, Mike Miyamoto, Lindsay Morgan, Nicholas Morgan, Malcolm Mullin, Margaret Nicol, B.A. Nimmo, The Patel Family, Richard Paterson, Lucy Pritchard, Annie Pugh, John Ramsay, Stuart Ramsay, Kevin Ramsden, Kirsty Reid, Mark Reynier, Rebecca Richardson, Dave Robertson, Geraldine Roche, Dominic Roskrow, Colin Ross, Fabio Rossi, Colin Scott, Jacqui Seargeant, Catherine Service, Euan Shand, Raj Singh, Sukhinder Singh, David Stewart, David Stirk, Kier Sword,

BOWMORE Voyage, Port Casked, 56 vol Colour Bright orange. Nose Less obviously smoky. More perfumy. Drier. Body Less toffeeish than most port finishes. Palate Smooth, light on the tongue. Develops some fruitiness. Finish More lively. Seems crisp at first, but lingers very warmly, with late saltiness. Score 84 BOWMORE Claret, Bordeaux Wine Casked, 56 vol Colour Rich, dark, honey. Nose Very big in both departments. Lots of recognizably claret-like fruit-and-cedar notes – and a powerful

crescendo of mace-like spiciness. Score 80 BRUICHLADDICH 1988, Gordon & MacPhail, Cask Nos 1955 and 1956, Distilled 25 October 1988, Bottled 3 January 2003, Cask Strength, 54.2 vol Colour Bright gold, with a greenish tinge. Nose Perfumy. Talc-like. Body Slippery-smooth. Palate Good malty background. Dry and, by the standards of Bruichladdich, quite a peat accent. Finish Sting of peat, then lingering dryness. Score 80 Also from Gordon & MacPhail, in their Cask Strength series, a 1969

flowery nuttiness and creamy flavours. Finish Delightful teasing subtlety of nuttiness and gently salty sea air. Score 79 BUNNAHABHAIN 1966, Cask No 4379, 46.1 vol Colour Blood orange Nose Smoky. Fresh sea breezes. Could that be the puffer leaving for Glasgow? Body Rich, creamy. Palate Fresh, concentrated flavours. Unusually estery. Ginger-toffee. Becoming nutty. Very concentrated flavours. Finish Dusty. Spice-shop. Long. Warming score 80 BUNNAHABHAIN 1963, 750 bottles, 42.9 vol

A R K HIGHLAND PARK 24-year-old, Distilled 1967, 43 vol Now very hard to find. Colour Amber. Nose Honey, with smooth background smokiness. Body Full. Palate Starts with smooth honey, becoming deeper in flavour, developing to a smooth, perfumy smokiness. Finish Smooth, honeyish, with light fruitiness. Soothing. SCORE 93 HIGHLAND PARK 25-year-old, 50.7 vol Colour Amber to copper. Nose Immense complexity. Rum and raisin, Christmas spices, dried heather, light smoke. Body Layered. Palate

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