Marketing Excellence: Winning Companies Reveal the Secrets of Their Success

Marketing Excellence: Winning Companies Reveal the Secrets of Their Success

Hugh Burkitt

Language: English

Pages: 388

ISBN: 0470060271

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Marketing is all about ideas. And Marketing Excellence is about good ideas made great. The companies it features have been selected because they are winners – both literally and commercially. Literally in that they have received Marketing Society Awards for their work in Britain; commercially in that these efforts have resulted in measurable market success. They come from a diverse range of markets; it’s likely that some operate in yours.

Written by two marketing thought leaders and featuring insights from a host of industry experts who have judged the Awards in recent years, here is a collection of brands and companies that are doing things right. From ketchup to cosmetics, it offers today’s most revealing, readable and above all relevant lessons in Marketing Excellence.













to think about marketing excellence is when, for a time, common sense manifests itself as common practice – to the unbridled relief of the consumers and customers who reward us with their custom. Martin Glenn, former President of PepsiCo UK and Ireland Introduction: so what’s the big idea? The idea of this book is to inspire you through these examples of successful marketing. We are confident that you will find lessons from these thirty-four success stories which you can apply to the

were losing confidence fast, and it began to look as though an entire digital platform, terrestrial, would be lost. So, when the commercial television watchdog, the Independent Television Commission (ITC), advertised the now-available ITV Digital licences the following month, DTT stakeholders such as broadcasters and network operators had to make some quick and tough decisions. Taking a radical approach There was no obvious and conventional solution. The idea emerged only after a rigorous

digital TV, being content with the existing five free L AUNCHING NEW BR ANDS 63 analogue terrestrial channels. Again, consumer insight was invaluable in reminding the team that the message had to be very simple, and that clear space between existing digital offers and this new brand must be created. Don’t overwhelm, don’t confuse, and keep it simple. The strategy encompassed a number of elements: • The tone of voice was consistently straight-talking, positive and approachable. • This was

internal marketing programme has been underway since 2003. The key theme has been to promote positive thinking and behaviours throughout the company. This included presentations by the Chief Executive and senior marketers to all employees. Each member of staff was given a “one-pager” explaining the new brand positioning and company vision. Senior and middle management workshops were held to determine implementation strategy, while “half full” consultation sessions were carried out throughout the

aerosol spray can, but would establish difference by using a better-looking, short, stubby, black can, instead of the normal, tall, thin, light-coloured one (Figure 6.8). This formula would give both appeal and permission to buy. Figure 6.8 S U S TA I N I N G T H E B R A N D P R O M I S E 173 Building a dynamic model The key theme was that Lynx signalled seductiveness as defined by youth culture. Youth culture changes continually, but, by 2002, Unilever had been able to maintain the

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