Mary Poppins from A to Z

Mary Poppins from A to Z

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0152058346

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

P. L. Travers introduced Mary Poppins to the world in 1934. Ever since, the no-nonsense English nanny has been beloved by children and adults everywhere.

Originally published in 1962 and long unavailable, Mary Poppins from A to Z offers a unique glimpse of the famous Poppins cast. Twenty-six vignettes--one for each letter of the alphabet--weave unexpected tales of Mary Poppins, the Banks children, and other characters from Travers's timeless novels. As an added twist, each vignette is filled with fun and unusual words that start with the featured letter.

In full color for the first time, this enchanting new edition will delight both old and new fans of the inimitable Mary Poppins.

















Daisy in her hat. No one says Do or Don't to her. Nobody would Dare! is for East Wind. It is blowing Exactly as it blew when Mary Poppins arrived. Ellen is sneezing Endlessly, but Everyone Else is Enjoying the Experience. The wind Echoes in the children's Ears and tosses the Elm leaves into their Eyes. Even Miss Lark. Enveloped in an Embroidered curtain, has Enticed her friend, the Elderly Professor, to Enter into the fun. "What an Exciting Escapade! I feel Equal to anything this Evening!

"Having high Jinks?" asks the Park Keeper Jovially, shooing a Jackdaw and Jabbing at some litter. "We're picking Jasmine and Juniper to take home to put in a Jam Jar." "No picking of flowers in the park. Observe the rules, my Jewels, or I'll have you off to Jail in a Jiffy." Mary Poppins Jerks her head round the Ladies' Journal for June. "I'm the best Judge of that," she says Jealously. "They are simply out on a Jolly Jaunt and doing no harm to anyone. Jog along on your own Job and don't go

Jeering at other people." The Park Keeper Jumps like a Jack-in-the-box and trembles like a Jelly. "Jiminy! What a Jolt you gave me! I didn't mean to give them the Jimjams. It was Just my Joke," he says. is for King. He has a private Key to the park, and when the Kingdom does not need him. he comes to fly his Kite. It is made of a Kitchen tablecloth and trimmed with Kid and Kapok. Today the Kite gets caught in his robes. "Here's a pretty Kettle of fish." says the King. "I should have worn my

Poppins, "and Quickly into bed. spit-spot." "Are our Quilts of good Quality, Mary Poppins? Why does a jelly Quiver and Quake?" "A dose of Quinine," she says Quizzically, "for the one who asks the next Question!" is for Robertson Ay. Today he is Responsible for a Really awful Rumpus. He had Rubbed Mr. Banks' hat with an oily Rag instead of a Rabbit's tail. "He's a broken Reed, a Rattlebrain. I'll be glad to be Rid of the Rogue!" Mr. Banks Rages up and down. "The Rascal, the Reptile, the

course. And the one who gets it knows you love him and feels eXtremely happy. Here in the picture is Mr. Banks, and because he is in an eXpansive mood, he is X-ing Mrs. Banks. The Policeman is shyly X-ing Ellen. The Prime Minister is asking if he may X Miss Lark's hand. And the children are X-ing Andrew and Willoughby. But the poor Park Keeper is all alone. Has he been forgotten, I wonder? Why don't you give him an X? is for Year. And the Year changes all. In spring the cherry trees

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