Mermaid Curse: The Silver Dolphin

Mermaid Curse: The Silver Dolphin

Louise Cooper

Language: English

Pages: 59


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lizzy Baxter is thrilled when her family moves to Cornwall � she's always loved the beach. Lizzy doesn't realise, but she has a special connection with the sea � and the mysterical mermaids and silver dolphins who swim there. But there's much more to the beautiful blue-green world than magic. The evil sea queen is plotting to steal something precious � something that belongs to Lizzy.

The Mermaid Curse quartet is a perfect blend of fantasy and reality for readers aged 8�10.















a voice behind her. Lizzy started and swung round. Kes was there. He wore swimming shorts, but his hair wasn’t wet. ‘You made me jump!’ ‘I’ve been waiting ages – you said you’d be early.’ ‘I couldn’t get away before.’ Lizzy did not want to admit that she had overslept. She took a deep breath. ‘Did you tell your mother?’ ‘Yes. She’s thrilled, Lizzy. Honestly, I’ve never seen her so excited. But there’s a problem. She can’t meet you today.’ Lizzy’s face fell. ‘Why not?’ she asked. ‘She’s had

look. Then Kes took hold of Lizzy’s hand, and they moved to sit on the rock beside their mother. And outside the cave, concealed by the crowding rocks and almost invisible in the deep greenness of the sea, a pair of cold eyes watched, and a pair of sharp ears listened intently… Chapter Ten ‘Years ago,’ said Morvyr, ‘a man called Jack Carrick was out sailing in the bay when a storm blew up. He tried to run for harbour, but his boat’s engine failed and he was carried on to a dangerous reef.

completely enclosed, and the air inside shimmered with light. It was a breathtakingly beautiful place. But Tullor had no interest in beauty. He swam across the pool to where a couch of rock jutted out of the water, and when he reached the couch he bowed his head respectfully and said, ‘Your Majesty.’ Taran, self-appointed mermaid Queen, stared haughtily down at him from where she reclined on the rock. ‘Well, faithful servant?’ she said in a silvery but icy voice. ‘What news have you brought?’

a switchback. Closer and closer to land – then Kes called, ‘Now!’ They let go of their dolphins’ fins and dived into the sea. ‘Come on,’ said Kes as they surfaced again and bobbed on the swell. ‘Follow me.’ He swam towards the jutting headland where the lighthouse stood. The dolphins were nowhere to be seen. Lizzy was amazed, wondering how they could have vanished so quickly, and as she followed Kes towards the rocks she said, ‘Where have they gone?’ He grinned mischievously. ‘Look at the

said, ‘Welcome home.’ A stream of bubbles came from his mouth as he spoke. Lizzy’s own mouth worked, and she saw similar bubbles drift past her face. ‘I…’ She tried her voice, and found that she, too, could speak. ‘I don’t… understand…’ Kes smiled again, and then put a finger to his lips. ‘Shh! It’s all right. There’s nothing to be scared of. This is my world – and it’s yours too. It always has been.’ Reaching out, he took hold of her hand. ‘Come and see.’ Chapter Five All Lizzy’s

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