Cordelia Strube

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1552452654

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Praise for Strube's previous novels:

"Smart, eccentric prose."—The New York Times

"Strube's comic sense is like a perfectly mixed martini: exceedingly dry and potent."—The Toronto Star

Milo doesn't quite have it together. His acting career has stalled. His girlfriend dumped him. His miserable father has vanished. And Pablo and Wallace—and then Wallace's mother—seem to have moved in to his house. The only person Milo likes is Robertson, the autistic eleven-year-old next door. So when Robertson gets bullied, Milo is finally spurred to action. Milo being Milo, though, even his best intentions go awry, and soon Robertson's dad is in the hospital, Milo's lost in the woods during an acting experiment and Gustaw, his dad, may have returned from the dead via reality TV.

Cordelia Strube's most recent novel Lemon, her eighth, was longlisted for the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Trillium Award.













it.’ ‘Are you sure I won’t be any bother?’ ‘Quite sure.’ ‘I must admit, the good thing about Wally not being the marrying kind is he’s got more time for his mum.’ ‘There’s an upside to everything.’ He inserts the disk and waits for it to load. ‘Gus and the boy next door are the best of mates, aren’t they? Tanis says she’s not going to sell just yet.’ ‘When did she say that?’ ‘This aft. She said she’s never seen the boy so at ease with anyone. She’s going to home-school him till things get

darts into the classroom, spots the hamster cage and fits it into the garbage bag he has punctured with air holes. Back in the corridor he resumes a preoccupied manner with the cell in one hand and the garbage bag in the other. The wiry-haired, stout man who retrieved Robertson from the schoolyard approaches. ‘That’s a bit pricey,’ Milo says to the cell, looking down at the floor in an attempt to hide his face. ‘See if you can get him down a bit.’ He pretends to be listening then says, ‘I won’t

love for him can be painful to watch. Milo has walked them to school and seen the open wound of her need to protect her child. Half a block from the schoolyard Robertson insists she let him walk alone. Tanis obeys, smiling brightly and calling out, ‘Have a good day, possum!’ Stooped, without looking back, Robertson shuffles into the mob, a lone target. Turning from the yard, Tanis’s face ages, the forced cheer fading into haggard determination. ‘Don’t start that or I’ll eat you for fucking

‘You’ll get indigestion eating at that angle.’ Pablo sits up. ‘Vera, Fenny and me have something to tell you.’ ‘You’re having it off.’ ‘We couldn’t help it,’ Pablo admits. ‘We love each other.’ ‘She’s all the stars in his firmament,’ Milo adds. ‘I thought as much. What’s to be done? Just make sure you don’t hurt my Wally.’ ‘He’s pretty worked up about it,’ Fennel says. ‘The truth is I never was his girlfriend. Milo hired me to act like his girlfriend so you’d be happy. That he had a

solitary confinement, the boy is bound to go insane. ‘He would never hurt me. Please don’t interfere.’ She hangs up. Once again Milo is suspended in time and space, unable to touch what matters to him most. In a dead man’s boots. During his first big scene, he takes his frustration out on Prisoner Number Six with the butt of his rifle. ‘That hurts,’ the fallen man in stripes protests. The fight coordinator demonstrates again how Milo is supposed to fake the blows, allowing the prisoner to

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