More Than Money: Questions Every MBA Needs to Answer: Redefining Risk and Reward for a Life of Purpose

More Than Money: Questions Every MBA Needs to Answer: Redefining Risk and Reward for a Life of Purpose

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Can MBAs, often cast as risk-averse conflicted achievers caught in the MBA trap of ""I'll make money now and then...,"" find their true happiness and achieve their destiny in the midst of societal and peer pressures?

Absolutely--if you recognize that what you thought were your safest career choices actually may be your riskiest. How so? Your safest choices keep you on your destiny path; your riskiest ones take you away from it.

How do you know? ""More Than Money"" offers four questions and twelve principles to keep you on your path and tools to help you measure where you are and what you need to do to fulfill your destiny.





















passion will allow you to get lost in something bigger than yourself, as it is that passion—your will, not your skills—that will define you and make you great. That’s how you find yourself: by getting lost in something you feel has importance beyond yourself. It may be addressing a social challenge, building a company, or collaborating with colleagues to meet a deadline. And when you can meet a business need and a social need, especially if it is personal, the feeling is priceless. As an example,

what you don’t want to do and who you don’t want to be. Start by asking yourself instead, “Who are my heroes, and why do I admire them?” Your answers allow you to visualize your future self so that you can work your way back to what you need to do today—and may not be doing. My heroes built a strong platform and then used their money and status to have a positive impact on their community and the world. They are Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Shirley Temple Black, Robert Redford, and Oprah Winfrey.

have hope. In 2006, I noticed a sea change at business schools around the world. Whereas one northeastern business school may have had ten students interested in microfi nance the year before, now it was hundreds. Most schools had new programs in sustainability to respond to skyrocketing student interest not only in microfi nance but also in social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, and clean technology. “Sustainable business” became a buzzword in the business community as well. Jobs in

immaculate care of his home and future cars. As the year ended, Sam returned to Canada. I once heard that all great things begin in poetry but end in real estate. Yes, Sam became a well-known real estate developer. But he was known as well for his philanthropy and generosity to all who worked with him as for his business acumen. Maybe you know who he is. I’ll leave you with that question and the following eulogy for Sam, whom I will never see again. After all, this is a guidebook of questions and

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