Mr. Boston Summer Cocktails

Mr. Boston Summer Cocktails

Anthony Giglio, Jim Meehan

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0470184892

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A refreshing collection of perfect warm-weather cocktails

When entertaining friends, it's best to know what works when. Mr. Boston Summer Cocktails gives you tons of fresh ideas for keeping cool with refreshing cocktails that are perfect for warm weather.

Mr. Boston has been the go-to guide for bartenders since the end of Prohibition, so why would you turn anywhere else for the best ideas in summertime entertaining? Get your backyard barbecues cooking with more than 100 cool recipes to chill out with friends. Illustrated with beautiful photos that will leave you thirsting for more, these recipes range from classics like the Singapore Sling to contemporary drinks like the Cherry Caipirinha. Also, discover trade secrets from some of the best bar chefs to ensure that your drinks are perfectly prepared and served.

  • More than 100 drink recipes from dozens of the world's top cocktail experts
  • Packed with innovative, uncomplicated recipes, simple instructions, and inviting photographs
  • Most recipes feature fresh seasonal ingredients and bright summertime flavors that make perfect thirst-quenchers

Fire up the grill and stock up on ice. With Mr. Boston Summer Cocktails in hand you'll be ready to party, with recipes and serving ideas that will turn your backyard into everybody's favorite destination.















60 MR. BOSTON SUMMER COCKTAILS D⁄e oz. fresh lemon juice D⁄e oz. gin D⁄e oz. Punt e Mes D⁄e oz. Aperol Garnish: lemon twist Combine all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add ice cubes, cover, and shake thoroughly. Strain into a chilled highball and garnish with the lemon twist. 2 dashes of peach bitters B⁄c oz. Cynar 1 oz. aquavit 1 oz. manzanilla sherry Garnish: lemon twist In a mixing glass combine all of the ingredients, top with ice cubes, and stir thoroughly. Strain into a

16, 17 Tequila massage, 81 Tequila smash, 16, 17 Thoroughbred cocktail, 18, 19 Tiger tanaka, 39 Tomato daiquiri, 38, 39 Trident, 61 Triple sec backyard blackberry margarita, 86, 87 bombay punch, 90 company b, 6 east india cocktail no. 1, 70 the horseshoe sling, 91 kingpin fruit cup, 9 lime bumboo, 92, 93 nuestra paloma, 74 plum fairy cobbler, 14 rangoon gin cobbler, 96, 97 rosarita, 34 royal bermuda yacht club cocktail, 79 rude sage cosmo, 34 sangria, 98 tropical white sangria, 100 Tropical

and vegetables—though thanks to global shipping, you might be able to find many of these ingredients year-round. However, as we strive to become ever more conscious of the purity and freshness of the ingredients in our cocktails, we’d like to suggest at least trying to procure ingredients grown locally if possible. 4 fresh blackberries B⁄c oz. agave nectar 1 oz. fresh pineapple juice B⁄c oz. fresh lemon juice D⁄e oz. aquavit 1B⁄c oz. gin Garnish: mint sprig In a mixing glass muddle the

peach slice, peeled, plus 1 for garnish B⁄c oz. fresh lemon juice 2 dashes of peach bitters 1B⁄c oz. vodka 1B⁄c oz. ginger beer Muddle 1 peach slice in a Collins glass. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Build the other ingredients, in order, stir thoroughly, and garnish with the remaining peach slice. 1 lemon wedge 1 lime wedge 3 B⁄c" cucumber slices, plus 1 for garnish 5 fresh raspberries B⁄c oz. simple syrup B⁄c oz. triple sec B⁄c oz. sweet vermouth 2 oz. vodka Soda water In a mixing glass

garnish with the remaining sage leaf. 4 fresh sage leaves, plus 1 for garnish B⁄c oz. agave nectar 1B⁄c oz. fresh grapefruit juice B⁄c oz. orange curaçao 1B⁄c oz. white rhum agricole In a mixing glass muddle 4 sage leaves with the agave nectar. Add the rest of the ingredients, top with ice cubes, cover, and shake thoroughly. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with the remaining sage leaf. 40 MR. BOSTON SUMMER COCKTAILS trade eserve less-than-perfect-looking herbs for muddling

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