Mrs. Roopy Is Loopy! (My Weird School, Book 3)

Mrs. Roopy Is Loopy! (My Weird School, Book 3)

Dan Gutman

Language: English

Pages: 19


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Never before has school been this mixed up — or this much fun!

Could Mrs Roopy, the new librarian, be A.J.'s craziest teacher yet? When the class shows up they find her dressed first as George Washington and then Little Miss Muffet. And Mrs Roopy won't even admit that it's her! Can A.J. and his class help their very troubled librarian before she does something really crazy?















tree. Then he showed us a bunch of books about the United States. All through library period, the army guy with the wig said that he was George Washington. After a while, we started calling him George Washington. “General Washington,” I asked, “may I go to the bathroom?” Everybody laughed even though I didn’t say anything funny. Kids think anything to do with bathrooms is funny. If you want to make your friends laugh, all you have to do is stick your face in their face and say either “bathroom”

wasn’t sure if she was telling the truth or not. “If I were George Washington, would I have this?” Mrs. Roopy asked. Then she picked up her shirt and showed us her belly. She had a little tattoo of a heart right over her belly button. It was cool. I had to admit that George Washington would never have a heart-shaped tattoo over his belly button. So maybe that army guy with the wig wasn’t Mrs. Roopy after all. “Let me show you around the library,” Mrs. Roopy said. “Did you know that books

in first grade. They built it over the summer to replace the junky old library we used to have. A library is the part in the school where they have hundreds of books that you can bring home with you. You don’t even have to pay for them. And it’s not even illegal! The only problem is you have to bring the books back after you’re done reading them. My friend Billy around the corner, who was in second grade last year, told me that if you don’t bring back your library books on time, the librarian

somebody yelling down the hallway. “Watch out! Coming through! Out of the way!” “I wonder what that could be,” said Miss Daisy. The yelling got louder. Everybody in the class turned around just in time to see somebody ride into our classroom on a trick bike. It was Mrs. Roopy! She was wearing sunglasses, knee pads, elbow pads, and a floppy black T-shirt that said “Bikers 4 Books.” She had combed her hair to make it stick up all spiky. “Hey, dudes!” she said as she skidded to a stop right in

splashed all over Mrs. Roopy’s tummy. It almost covered up the tattoo of a heart, but we could still see it. “It’s Mrs. Roopy!” Michael shouted. “The proof is in the pudding!” “Hey!” Ryan shouted. “Check out these books!” Ryan picked up the books that had dropped on the floor. They were books about trick biking! One of the books showed how to do tricks, and the other two were about famous trick bikers. Cool! “I didn’t know they made books about trick biking,” Ryan said. “So that’s how you

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