Negotiation (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Negotiation (The Brian Tracy Success Library)

Brian Tracy

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0814433189

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Negotiation is an essential element of almost all of our interactions--personally and professionally. It's part of how we establish relationships, work together, and arrive at solutions for our clients, our organizations, and ourselves. Simply put, those who don't negotiate well risk falling victim to those who do. Throughout his career, success expert Brian Tracy has negotiated millions of dollars worth of contracts. Now, with this concise guide, you too can become a master negotiator and learn how to: - Utilize the six key negotiating styles - Harness the power of emotion in hammering out agreements - Use time to your advantage - Prepare like a pro and enter any negotiation from a position of strength -Gain clarity on areas of agreement and disagreement - Develop win-win outcomes - Use the power of reciprocity - Know when and how to walk away - Apply the Law of Four - Plus much more Smart negotiation can save you time and money, make you more effective, and contribute substantially to your career. Jam-packed with Brian Tracy's trademark wisdom, this practical and portable book puts the power of negotiation right in your hands.















issues. It is only near the end of the negotiation, when time is running out, that you will get down to, discuss, and finally agree upon the most important issues under consideration. What I have learned is that you must be patient during the first part of the negotiation. There is no point in trying to rush. If you have two hours to discuss a transaction, the most important points will be decided in the last thirty minutes. Be patient. TEN Know What You Want IT IS AMAZING how many people

that you want, in advance. People who know exactly what they want, and have written it down, have a distinct advantage over those who are vague or unsure. Discuss It with Others Whenever possible, discuss the upcoming negotiation with someone else and explain the details of a perfect outcome. This exercise of discussing with others and thinking on paper doesn’t mean that you will get the product or service for free, or that you will achieve a goal that disadvantages another person. However, by

came to about twenty items. Then, I prepared my own side of the negotiation on another sheet of paper. To this day, I look back in some amazement at how much better a deal I was able to negotiate by thinking through his position in advance. Instead of spending several hours in discussion, we managed to resolve all the issues in about thirty minutes. Think It Through in Advance In each negotiation where I have used this technique, the results have been the same. I have always gotten a better

get terms that are favorable to you. You can tell the other party that you will pay the higher price if they will reciprocate by giving you better terms of payment. Some friends of mine were negotiating on a million-dollar property. The property itself, based on market comparables, was not worth more than about $600,000. But the sellers demanded a million dollars for their land because a close personal friend of theirs had sold a parcel of similar size for a million dollars earlier that year. Of

are more than willing to fulfill the promises they made in the negotiation so that they can enjoy the benefits of the agreement. Once I was having a conversation with a senior executive of a large learning organization. He told me, quite proudly, that he had negotiated an extremely good deal for his company with a publishing company. He had “ground them down” so much that they finally agreed to advances and royalty terms that were well in excess of what that company was paying its other authors

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